Small Shyrdak felt rug from Kyrgyzstan

Small Shyrdak felt rug from Kyrgyzstan
Small Shyrdak felt rug from Kyrgyzstan
Small Shyrdak felt rug from Kyrgyzstan
  • Small Shyrdak felt rug from Kyrgyzstan
  • Small Shyrdak felt rug from Kyrgyzstan
  • Small Shyrdak felt rug from Kyrgyzstan

These Shyrdak felt rugs are hand-made in Kyrgyzstan in the traditional style using methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.

When producing shyrdak traditional methods of processing and dyeing of wool are kept and applied for producing of felt as the main raw material for shyrdak. Traditional technique (fretted mosaic) is kept which is widespread in the north of Kyrgyzstan.

In the south of Kyrgyzstan technique of inlaying of color cord (jeek) prevails more. Cutout ornamented motifs from two pieces of felt of different color create composition each of which is its mirror reflection. The same picture stands out in one part as background, and in other part as pattern creating impression of positive and negative pattern. This equality of pattern and background defines artistic peculiarities of goods.
The border bounding the central field as well as the richness of pattern and skilful using of contrasting harmonization have the great meaning in ornamentation of shyrdak.

Patterns: The sample patterns and color combinations you see here are traditional Kyrgyz designs that look good in most western living rooms. Buyers typically choose their pattern and color before Mairam begins construction on your rug.

Positive/Negative Pattern Design: Because each rug is constructed with multiple layers of hand-pressed felt, your order creates a mirrored opposite of itself (see example). The Omurzakova family is grateful when customers purchase both the negative and positive images.

Shipping information

The cost of your shipment will vary by volume, dimensions, the destination of the piece(s) and, of course, the size of the order. We will transport your rug in the most economic way possible. For single-shyrdak orders, this tends to be a door-to-door courier such as FedEx or DHL. For larger orders, air freight tends to be the most cost-effective shipping method. Before finalizing your order, we should briefly discuss the best and most value-oriented way to ensure that you receive your shyrdak safe and sound.

Ship toDelivery MethodShipping Cost
All Countries
Kyrgyz Post (14-30 days)
$150.00 USD

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About the artisan
At-Bashy, Kyrgyzstan
Zumrat lives with her family in the small village of At Bashy in the remote Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan.She learned how to make shyrdaks from her mother in early childhood.  She was given... Read more
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