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City: Fresno Nichi
Country: Mexico
Years Experience:
Beautiful ponchos are made from embroidered wool and cotton blends
Learned from:
The group learned from their parents and neighbors
The people from San Felipe are also farmers
San Felipe nature
Raise happy and healthy families

The Artsanias Zapote Group is made up of seven Mazahua women who work together in the town of Fresno Nichi located outside of San Felipe de Progresso, Mexico. The Artesania Zapote group has been working together and borrowing from Vision Fund for over a year. The group  makes a variety of knitted and embroidery products including ponchos, vest, blankets, table cloths, and bags to name a few. The group typically spends 4-6 hours a day either working from their individual homes, or working together. Each poncho may take from a week to two weeks to make. The majority of the products are made from wool, however some of the products are made from a cotton blended material for more vibrant colors. 

Featured in this photo are Maria Monroy Avalino, Flora Salgado Urbino, Rosalina Salgado Urbino, Angelica Arriaga Reyes, back row: Maria's Husband, and Paula Rodrigues Quintara.


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Mexico City, D.F. , Mexico