City: Tuxtepec, Oaxaca
Country: Mexico
Years Experience:
bottle tops
Learned from:
a person came to the town and gave a workshop 5 years ago
teacher and corner store owner
I enjoy sewing in my spare time
I have 7 kids, I want the best for my family

Claudia lives in Tuxtepec, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico with her Mother, husband, her 7 children and some of her children's spouses.  Her sister lives next door and runs a small family store. Claudia works as a teacher in the mornings and spends a few hours in her afternoons dedicated to various crafts such as napkin embroidery and purse making. Her napkins are made in the typical Mexican style and are predominately used for tortillas. However her hand bags and purses which are featured on the GlobeIn site are created in a more modern fashion. Claudia was taught how to make these hand bags and purses using recycled can tops almost 5 years ago. Now she makes them in her spare time and sells them in town and in local markets. Claudia is a client of Vision Fund Mexico.

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