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City: Calgary, AB
Country: Canada

My name is Ellen Van Baren and I was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  I have also lived in Canada and Mexico.


In the high mountain town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico I met a girl who wore a ring that she had made in just one day.  She told me it was fun and that I should do it.  Some months later, I did.  I became a silversmith. I had such a wonderful teacher!

One afternoon I dropped into a shop and learned how to make a fine wire work necklace with pearls and silver.  I loved it!  I fell in love with the delicate wirewrapping techniques.  There began this new journey of creation.  I made more things and sold them.  I opened my own jewelry shop with only my designs and was successful. I love the meditative state that comes over me when I am working with tiny stones and very fine wires.

I have something in my soul that longs for the kind of elegance that I see in the early photos of my mother and my aunts.  Clean lines in clothing, less is more, a simple kind of elegance, a sense of style that is so rare now.  My inspiration has always come from a love of classic elegance, timeless beauty and my European heritage.


I am happy to be a part of the growing community of people who care about the quality of what they create, rather than the quantity.  With many years of experience in antiques, I have a deep love of things that endure the test of time.  I love style rather than fashion or trends.

After 7 years of living in Mexico fulltime, I have returned to Canada and now I live in the small town of Nanton, Alberta, Canada which is an hour away from a major city.  I have chosen to continue living a simple life like the one I lived in Mexico.  I have no car by choice and walk everywhere.  What I cannot buy in town, I buy online.   I work part time in an antique shop and devote the balance of my time to creating jewelry from silver and semi precious stones.  

This is the life for me...simple, thoughtful, creative and joyful.

I welcome your questions and look forward to being of service.


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