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City: Semenov
Country: Russia
Years Experience:
Golden Khokhloma
Learned from:
Masters' traditions of XVII century
The first graduates of the School for Wood-Working Arts and Crafts in Semyonov founded Khokhlomskaya Rospis in 1931.
Russian nature and traditions
Sharing real gold of Russian culture

In 1916, Nizhegorodskoye Zemstvo established the first School for Wood-Working Arts and Crafts in Semyonov. In 1931, the first graduates of that school with their director, Mr. G. Matveev, founded a Cooperative which was restructured into a large production company, Artistic Production Works "Khokhlomskaya Rospis".In the 1960s, "Khokhloma Painting" became the main manufacturer of handicrafts with khokhloma painting. The workers keep and sustain traditions of ancient masters.

"Khokhlomskaya Rospis" JSC is based on a sufficient industrial ground and a large production capacity. More than 1600 people work for the company; among them there are a lot of great masters and deserved artists.



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