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City: Dushanbe
Country: Tajikistan
Patterned material and sewing
Provide hope for the future of Afghan women

Lamis means “soft to the touch” in archaic Arabic, and is the name of the Danish Refugee Council’s project which helps Afghan refugees earn income and integrate into Tajik society.

Lamis was launched in March of 2012 with financial support from the European Union and the German Embassy in Tajikistan. The project employs seven women who are the sole providers for their families.

Lamis teaches Afghan refugee women tailoring, sewing, and how to incorporate their traditions of colorful, exotic design into products alluring to Western customers. They learn how to market their products and organize themselves into a sustainable business, which will provide a livelihood and promote their local integration. Lamis also teaches English language skills.

Most of all, Lamis provides hope for the future to a group of Afghan women who, despite years of hardship, are working hard to improve their own lives.

Lamis combines modern design with the flair of traditional ikat fabric to make wonderful gift items like you’ve never seen before in Tajikistan.

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Organizations and Helpers

Neuffen, Germany
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Dushanbe, Tajikistan