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City: Catranic
Country: Moldova
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Trial and error
Embroidery teacher
Classic traditions
To teach young people the beauty of old traditions

Maria teaches French in the Catranic village school. She travels 26 km daily from Catranic to Balti to teach children at the Craftsmen Club to embroider and crochet. Her hobby became a source of income. She usually works alone, but occasionally collaborates with her young students from the Balti Craftsmen Club. She actively participate in exhibitions and promote cultural values in the country and abroad.

The Romanian peasant blouse, called "ie", is one representative piece of Romanian tradition. Some Romanian women are still making these blouses, but the number of women making them is decreasing every day. Even still, the Romanian blouse is surviving and it is worth its reputation. The embroidery is made by hand and it takes 2-5 weeks to produce one blouse. You can see artists wearing Romanian blouses in famous movies and some designers are inspired by the Romanian blouse in their clothing collections. You can see the Romanian blouse all over the world. These blouses are all carefully hand embroidered with ancient patterns. These blouses are small pieces of art and contain a part of Romanian history in their embroidery.

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Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
Menlo Park, United States
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