Quick facts

City: San Pedro Ixcatlan
Country: Mexico
Years Experience:
cotton, rayon
Learned from:
her mother and aunt
modern ideas and designs
Provide a good life for my daughters

Mireya del Carmen Virgin Palacios lives in the town of San Pedro Ixcatlan in the northern region of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Mireya learned how to embroider from her mother Mariana and aunt Margarita (also featured on GlobeIn.com). For the last 6 years Mireya has helped her mom with her embroidery work in the afternoons. Mireya works as a teacher in the mornings and spends her afternoons working on her embroidery orders or testing out new designs while making clothes for herself and her daughters. 

Mireya's style is very innovative, mixing the old tradition of Mazateca embroidery with new modern shapes and styles to be more appealing for the younger generation. 

Some of her designs include tank tops, corsets, dresses, skirts, and blouses. 

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Mexico City, D.F. , Mexico