Quick facts

City: Navidad
Country: Mexico
Years Experience:
Norma uses glass and lead wires to create her pieces
Learned from:
Norma took classes to learn the art
Norma loves working with glass and other types of crafts. Recently Norma has also begun taking courses on health and alternative medicine.
Norma is inspired by nature and Mexican traditions
Norma hopes to travel to other countries and wants to provide for her two children.

Norma Diaz Vilchis lives in the town of Navidad, outside of Mexico City. Wanting to decorate her home, Norma decided to take classes in working with glass. After taking classes she turned part of her husband's workshop into a workshop and store of her own. For the last 5 years Norma has been working out of her workshop and store, often taking orders for events like weddings, quinceneras (the Mexican tradition of celebrating the 15th birthday), graduations, first communions, and many more. 

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Mexico City, D.F. , Mexico