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City: Mexico City, D.F.
Country: Mexico
Years Experience:
Paper mache
Learned from:
His father, grandfather, great grandfather
Traditional Mexican crafts and colors
The family has broken records and won awards with some of their pieces. They would love to continue that legacy.

The Lemus family’s dedication to paper mache art began over 110 years ago. Their family tradition began with Sotero's grandfather who took up the craft at age 12 and eventually passed the tradition to his son, then grandson. Sotero began studying his trade at age nine and has not stopped learning since.

Originally, the family specialized in making traditional Mexican toys, but then expanded to create pieces of all shapes and sizes for all occasions. This past decade, Sotero has created some very impressive pieces. The most notable was a 12-meter-tall Don Quixote that had to be airlifted out of his house by a crane to be exhibited in Mexico City's National Palace in 2004.

Despite being recognized on a National level in various cities throughout Mexico, Sotero mentioned that it is still difficult to make a living off of his work because it is hard to sell his pieces and he does not get paid for the pieces he makes for the state or government. Sotero enjoys giving workshops and classes on his trade and is currently selling his art in the Jovenes Artesano store as one of the store's featured artists.


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Mexico City, D.F. , Mexico