10 Social Enterprises that are Changing the World in 2014

10 Social Enterprises that are Changing the World in 2014

by Pete Rognli
January 31, 2014
From carbon-negative potting soil to the ultimate solar cooking machine, here's a look at 10 incredible social enterprises doing creative things to change the world in 2014. Learn about new social enterprises doing exciting things and tried and true organizations with an innovative focus for 2014. We've also included some easy ways to get involved with any of these important causes.

10 Social Enterprises that are Changing the World in 2014

At GlobeIn we have a mission to change the world through a global artisan movement.  In this post we want to examine 10 exemplary organizations that we admire and are taking great strides to make the world a better place in 2014.

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by Pete Rognli


Kiva, GlobeIn Blog, Social Enteprise

The leading platform for online lending has gotten a a bit of a makeover recently. A cleaner look, a leaner design and intuitive features have made loans easier to discover and lean about. - www.kiva.org

How to Get Involved: Lend. Choose a borrower, and help back a project.

2.Charity Water

Charity Water, Social Enterprises 2014, GlobeIn Blog

Perhaps no other organization has committed as much to transparency and donor engagement as Charity Water. Access to clean drinking water is a simple cause that can have an amazing impact. 100% of donations go directly to projects (no overhead). You can learn about the projects you support - see videos, satellite images and detailed financial information on every project. - www.charitywater.org

How to Get Involved: pledge your birthday. Instead of asking for something for yourself for your birthday, ask your friends and families to donate to Charity Water in your name. 


Tell us what you'd like to see and let the world know about more great social enterprises. Write a comment below.

3.Khan Academy

Khan Academy, GlobeIn Blog, Social Entperprises

As the global, online classroom where you can learn anything for free, the Khan Academy is changing the way we think about education and learning. The platform challenges the energy of coaches, teachers, mentors and content creators with anyone who wants to learn anything. For 2014, the Kahn Academy has launched an ambitious new initiative to help ensure that students across the country and around the world are prepared to enter college. - www.khanacademy.org

How to Get Involved: learn something or lead a course

4.The Global Poverty Project

Global Poverty Project, Social Enterprises, Ending Poverty

The Global Poverty Project is an educational initiative that relies on the notion that people (rather than organizations), are the key to ending extreme poverty across the globe. For 2014, their strategy focuses on the role of the thoughtful, global citizen in the fight to end extreme poverty. 

How to Get Involved: volunteer



Bio Char is a carbon negative charcoal that enables rural subsistence farmers to double their growing output without the use of creepy and expensive fertilizers -- all while helping to reduce CO2 emissions. The Berkeley-based social enterprise sells Bio Char to African farmers, a carbon-negative potting soil alternative called Black Revolution to American consumers and Bio Char making Kilns to everyone. For $25, a bag of Black Revolution could make the perfect gift for the special Gardner on your list. - http://www.re-char.com/

How to Get Involved: buy and try a bag of Black Revolution



Groundswell helps power communities. They work with local citizens and organizations to help them save energy, save money and go green. They support local, intentional electricity buying programs -- group purchasing power and selective buying practices -- which helps community organizations, business and neighborhoods save money (and save the planet) thanks to the power of collective buying and collaborative bargaining. - www.groundswell.org

How to Get Involved: Sign up for affordable energy for your and your family. 

7.One Earth Designs

One Earth Designs

A solar oven on steroids -- One Earth Designs is a social enterprise making the ultimate, ecofriendly solar cooker. Up-to-temperature in 5-minutes, It's a perfect replacement for your grill. You'll never buy charcoal or propane again. You can also bake and boil water. Starting at $399. - www.oneearthdesigns.com

How to Get Involved: buy the ultimate backyard BBQ

8.Medic Mobile

Medic Mobile, Electron Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records for the developing world. Medic Mobile creates mobile apps for local, on-the-ground healthcare workers in remote regions. Frontline healthcare workers are the backbone of health practitioning in many parts of the world. Medic Mobile is a non-profit social technology enterprise helping healthcare workers manage patient records and share information with their patients and other parts of the healthcare system. - www.medicmobile.org

How to Get Involved: donate a phone, start a collection drive or contribute here.

9.Mobile Works


Outsource your outsourcing. An ethical way to crowdsource without the hassle of crowdsourcing. Mobile Works is a social enterprise that essentially acts like a virtual assistant via the crowd. You can get any task done, including lead acquisition and sales conversion. - www.mobileworks.com

How to Get Involved: try crowdsourcing your work (without the crowd), or sign up to be a Mobile Works Worker


Coder Dojo, Learn to Code

Coding clubs for young people around the world. Young people, between 7 and 17, learn real world coding skills in a supportive environment of their peers. You can sign up to form a club or become a mentor in your local community. 

How to Get Involved: start a club, or sign up to mentor a club or find a club in your area.

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