11 Social Enterprises To Know In 2014

11 Social Enterprises To Know In 2014

by Jeff Bratz
April 10, 2014
These 11 programs are helping make the world a healthier, more sustainable place to live!

Jeff Bratz

What Is A Social Enterprise?

Any endeavor using commercial strategies to make the world a better place. We’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite world-changing programs doing just that!


11 Social Enterprises To Know In 2014


1. Carbon Lighthouse

“Carbon Neutral, Profitably”

Carbon Lighthouse

Carbon Lighthouse is reducing the carbon footprint of businesses by making their buildings more energy-efficient. They use the data they collect on these buildings to incentivise energy efficiency by making it profitable to each company they serve. A win for their clients. A win for the earth. A win for Carbon Lighthouse.


To find out how to take your company to a greener level go to www.carbonlighthouse.com.


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2. Corbin Hill Food Project

“Supplying Fresh Produce… To The Places That Need It Most”

Corbin Hill Food Project

New York based Corbin Hill Food Project works to bring high-quality, fresh produce grown by local, small-scale farmers to underprivileged neighborhoods in New York City. Higher quality foods for higher quality health.  


To learn more, or to get your small-scale farm on the roster, go to www.corbinhillfoodproject.org.


3. D-Rev

“Everyone Deserves Good Design”


Partnering with industry leaders, D-Rev designs and delivers products of the highest quality to people living on less than $4 a day. With in-house research, design, and development, they are able to manufacture and scale for maximum impact on the world. Lower prices, not lower quality.


You can donate or get involved at www.d-rev.org.


4. Divine Chocolate

“Owned By Cocoa Farmers, Made For Chocolate Lovers”

Divine Chocolate

A fair-trade chocolate company isn’t terribly unique, but Divine is proudly owned by its cocoa farmers giving them a share of the profits and a much stronger voice in the industry. Happily made and happily eaten.


Find out more or sate your sweet-tooth at www.divinechocolate.com.


5. Fairtrasa

“Sustainable Fair Trade”


Fairtrasa develops and connects marginalized, small-scale farmers to local and international markets in hopes of pushing them up the class scale out of poverty. Through specialized training, they teach and empower farmers to become entrepreneurs. Building sustainable communities through knowledge.


Find out how you can get involved at www.fairtrasa.com.


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6. Food Cycle

“Where Communities Unite To Make Sure No Good Food Is Wasted”

Food Cycle

UK-based Food Cycle is building communities by combining volunteers, surplus food, and unused kitchen space to make sure impoverished, hungry people get fed healthy meals in communal settings while helping the volunteers gain skills to find employment. Helping people help themselves help people.


Volunteer through www.foodcycle.org.uk.


7. KaBOOM!

“It Starts With A Playground”


KaBOOM! is saving play by constructing kid-inspired play structures through the participation and leadership of communities with the ultimate vision being a playspace within walking distance of every kid in America. Healthy play begets healthy lives.


Help build a playground at www.kaboom.org.


8. One Acre Fund

“Farmers First”

One Acre Fund

Placing African farmers first in everything they do, One Acre Fund sets out to make more small-scale farmers more profitable. By listening to and supporting these farmers, they are able to make these farms more productive and elevate rural communities. Listening to the farmers and creating sustainability.


Meet the farmers and get involved at www.oneacrefund.org.


9. San Patrignano

“Free Of Charge, Because Love Is A Gift”

San Patrignano

Italy-based San Patrignano offers a free rehabilitation program for people suffering from substance addictions. The program is tailor-made for each individual’s needs, focusing on education and rehab without the use of pharmacological treatments. Treat the human, cure the ailment.


Find out more about this unique rehabilitation center at www.sanpatrignano.org/en


10. Solar Sister

“Light. Hope. Opportunity.”

Solar Sister

Bringing opportunity to women in rural communities, Solar Sister is creating an Avon-style network of women entrepreneurs with a focus on solar-powered lighting. Empowering women while easing the access to sustainable electricity. Light tomorrow with today.


Invest in a woman today at www.solarsister.org.


11. Vision Spring

“See Well, Do Well”

Vision Spring

Vision Spring is getting glasses to the people who need them.. underprivileged people who work with their hands. Giving sight to those who need it improves productivity and the socio-economic development in the developing world. See to work, see to learn.


Give the gift of sight at www.visionspring.org.


We’ve told you about some of our top-picks in the Social Enterprising world, tell us about yours! 

Let’s make this world a little better today.