5 Ways to Help GlobeIn Artisans

5 Ways to Help GlobeIn Artisans

by Pete Rognli
February 18, 2014
Attention Conscientious Travelers: We need your help! Share your experiences. Discover new artisans, preserve cultures and introduce new crafts to the world. Here are 5 wonderful ways that you can get involved and help GlobeIn while you're out on your next adventure.

Pete Rognli

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What To Do?

1. Write a Blog For GlobeIn

The GlobeIn Blog is a great way to travel with meaning while developing your skills and resume as a writer.

To get hooked up with a blogging account, write pete(at)globein.com  >  skip down for ideas

Creating A Blog is a Great way to Showcase Artisans and Your Travels


2. Draw the Atlas of Crafts with Instagram

Instagram a picture with #globein, and it will post your artisan experience direct to our map.   >  skip down for ideas

Send an Instagram to #globein, and it will automatically appear on the map.


3. Post to Your Facebook Wall and Tag @GlobeIn

  >  skip down for ideas

Post Photos of relevant travels and tag @GlobeIn


4. Tweet and Tag @GlobeIn_World

  >  skip down for ideas

Travel With Meaning: Get Involved and Help Artisans Around the World


5. Pin Our Pics.

Just pin your favorite GlobeIn pics to your Pintrest wall.   >  skip down for ideas

Pin GlobeIn Pics on Your Pinboard


What To Say?

A. Show the World How Things Are Made.

Blog About It  |  Instagram a Pic to #globein

As a traveler, you know that things come from real people. Visit with an artisan or community. Take photos and videos of the crafting process. And learn how things are made. If you're doing a blog post, you can create a craft tutorial. And your photos will help spread the word on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Share Your Artisan Experiences


B. Share Your Meaningful Travel Experiences.

Blog About It  |  Instagram a Pic to #globein

Tell us how you made your travel experience a meaningful one. Share stories, unique photos.

All Travel Can Be Meaningful. Share Your Experiences


C. Fixate on Food.

Blog About It  |  Instagram a Pic to #globein

Share pictures of your plate, of ethnic dishes in local restaurants or cooking a local meal among new friends. Discover unique recipes from authentic places, and post them to our blog. What we eat and where it comes from is as culturally significant as local art.

Food says as much as art about our culture.


 D. Capture Crafts

Blog About It  |  Instagram a Pic to #globein

It doesn't matter what you see or where you see it, take a picture and share it.

See something cool. Take a picture.


E. Help with Hands

Blog About It  |  Instagram a Pic to #globein

At GlobeIn, we are all about Handmade. Hands tell countless stories. Take pictures of your hands, artisans' hands, your children's hands, all hands.

Post to Our Pintrest Hands Wall 


Hands Tell a Story

Travel is inherently impactful. Make sure your impact is packed with meaning. Write a post for our blog, tag us on Facebook and Twitter. Pin our images on your Pintrest account. And finally, help fill-in our atlas of crafts by intagramming anything to #globein.

Thank you so much for your support. Please reach out to us to get hooked up with a blogging account.

Hands On a Wheel


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