Learn to Crochet in 3 Steps

Learn to Crochet in 3 Steps

by Pete Rognli
October 15, 2013

Learning to crochet is, of course, both rewarding and highly creative. And while many people consider crocheting to be a solitary, introverted activity, many more learn to crochet as a group because they value the social camaraderie and collaborative creativity of this multicultural and accessible art form. Take these three easy steps, and learn to crochet on GlobeIn.com


Step One: Join the community. Create your GlobeIn profile and meet other people who want to learn to crochet. Alternatively, you can learn to crochet on your own by connecting directly with a GlobeIn artisan. Either way, the first step is to create your profile now.


Step Two: Find a mentor. GlobeIn is home to the most amazing talent in the world. Master artisans from Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mexico, Guatemala and the US can serve as your mentor, and help you learn to crochet. Please be aware that each artisan has their own crocheting techniques, tastes and crafts. For example, artisan Xenia from Chisinau, Moldova designs adorable crochet bears (pictured above) -- ideal as both decorative items and functional toys from a far-off land.


Step Three: Setup a workshop. GlobeIn is all about connecting cultures, art and knowledge using the power of technology. Once you've selected your mentor, we'll help you setup a workshop webinar where you, and other interested community members can learn to crochet from one of the world's true masters.


GlobeIn is a place for creative people from around the world. Our renowned artisans learned to crochet from parents, grandparents, village elders and as art students. Now you can learn to crochet from them. All you have to do is join the community, choose your mentor, and let us help you setup a workshop which will enable you and other community members to both learn to crochet and, of course, connect with an amazing artisan from a far-off land.


Questions: post a comment below, or email us for details: info@globein.com

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