Supporting Artisans in Santa Fe

Supporting Artisans in Santa Fe

by Pete Rognli
September 2, 2013

While at the festival, Pete was lucky-enough to meet-up-with a few GlobeIn Artisans, including  from Mili Baas from Mexico, and Erkebu Jumagolova and Mairam Omurzakova from Kyrgyzstan. Also exciting, was the chance to share the message of GlobeIn with more great Artisans from around the world. Pete met artisans from Mozanbique, France, Macedonia, Uganda and dozens of other countries. 

Pete with Mairam Omurzakova and her son UrmatHeld every summer for the past decade, the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market hosts the most amazing artisans from all over the world -- literally the best of the best from every country. For example, Kyrgyzstan's Erkebu Jumagolova has been working with felt crafts since Soviet Times. Her felt dolls are adorable interpretations of Kyrgyz folk heroes and her cute felt animals are cuddly representations of daily rural life in this agricultural and mountainous Central Asian Country. 

Also exhibiting from Kyrgyzstan's remote village of Kochkor was Mairam Omorzakova of the Altyn Kol Women's Cooperative. Miariam is a founding member of the cooperative, which began selling Kyrgyzstan's traditional felt rugs called "shyrdaks" after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Historically, shyrdaks were used to cover the floor of the Yurt in the chilly Tien Shan mountains, and now these hand-pressed felt rugs have begun to make their way into Western living rooms as tasteful home decor items 


Bonus: See Pete's Culture Shock Crisis on YouTube.

Having just arrived back in America after two years in Central Asia, Santa Fe caused considerable culture shock for Pete; fortunately, the fun time he spend with GlobeIn's artisans helped ease his emotional readjustment back into the states. He especially enjoyed hanging out with Miaram's son Urmat in the Whole Foods parking lot. "I taught Urmat how to graze from the bulk food section," recalls Pete. See fun YouTube clips of Pete's Santa Fe Adventure here. 

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