August Artisan Fund – Bolgatanga, Ghana

Every month, we ask our partners for insights into the artisan communities, so together, we can create a program that helps that specific group. Eight months after our first Artisan Fund, we are back to Bolgatanga, Ghana to continue our ongoing commitment to this community.

For the August Artisan Fund, we are raising $1,800 funds to help build a craft center for the artisans, so they can continue pursuing their artistry!

Bolgatanga, Ghana has two main seasons—wet and dry. The wet season lasts about 5 months; during this time, the artisans have trouble storing their handmade baskets without getting them wet! If the baskets become wet and muddy, they grow mold and cannot be sold to customers, exhausting the artisans’ time and efforts. When there’s heavy rainfall, the artisans expressed that it feels as if the rain is beating down on them. In contrast, the dry season brings the painfully hot weather and overbearing sun. Currently, the artisans work in their homes or use trees to shade them, but it still does not provide a very suitable work environment.

The talented artisans make many basket designs, but the wide variety can also be problematic. When the artisans work by themselves from home, there are occasional product errors due to the different designs. Sometimes artisans add the wrong color or design by accident and don’t have anyone to double-check their work. As a result of product errors, there can be delays in shipping orders, which slows down their business. Additionally, without a workspace to train new artisans, it can be difficult to grow and expand their artisan group.

Furthermore, the artisans do not have space where they can gather, interact, and learn from each other. There is no community area or place to go outside of their homes. The artisans have been asking for an indoors center where they can comfortably craft and spend time together at their preferred hours instead of only during the sunlight.

Let’s help build the craft center for the artisans! GlobeIn’s on-the-ground contact Nick explains that this craft center is the #1 request from all the artisans, making it a worthwhile project! Together we can establish a center that serves as a communal space, workspace, and shelter them from extreme weather conditions. 

Currently, the community has built part of the center:

It will take $4,150 USD more to successfully complete the center, and we are raising more than 1/3 ($1,800) to get the ball rolling! All additional raised funds will go towards the center. All of the artisans live within 1 mile and will not have to make their baskets at the center if they prefer otherwise.

As a reminder, the Artisan Fund is a pool of money that is used for the development of artisan communities. 100% of the proceeds go directly towards community workshops for a predetermined artisan group. We collaborate with them to understand how the money is best spent, based on their needs.

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