March Artisan Fund: Providing Eye Exams in India

We’re so excited for 2019, and we’re starting off the year with a new program called the Artisan Fund! At GlobeIn, we are Fair Trade Federation members and we believe that everyone should be paid fair wages and have a safe working environment. This year, we want to expand our efforts and create more opportunity for artisans to grow.

Last month our community raised $2,000 with 135 backers for artisans in Ghana! This is 127% of $1,575 flexible goal. (Flexible goal means that if we raise more funds than our goal, every extra dollar raised will go to the same community.) In January 2019 we raised money for a healthcare checkup for 60 women weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico. The healthcare exams took place on February 16th and 17th. We already shared a behind-the-scenes sneak peek with our GlobeIn Mavens Community. Full report coming soon!

On March 8th, the world will be celebrating International Women’s Day, which is why we’ve decided to support women artisans like Ruchi (pictured below) for our March Artisan Fund. These artisans make beautiful appliqué products in Rajasthan, India! (Look for her products in your March add-ons!)

As a reminder, the Artisan Fund is a pool of money that is used for community investments—100% of the donations will go directly towards community workshops. Every Artisan Fund will go towards a predetermined artisan group and we will collaborate with them to understand how the money is best spent, based on their needs.

Why you should care: widespread poverty and lack of access to healthcare for women in rural India.

This month we are raising funds for women artisans in North Western Rajasthan, close to India and Pakistan border. This is a desert area with a lack of facilities. The nearest town is 2 hours drive. Our India partner, Matr Boomie, works with a women’s community of appliqué artisans. Over 200 women are part of this community. Being a rural conservative society with misogynistic social norms, 52% of women think it is acceptable to be beaten by their spouse. There are also limited travel options and access to healthcare. If these women fall sick, they are not able to make products and start to fall in a cycle of poverty. Same for eyesight. If their eyesight deteriorates and they don’t have access to prescription glasses, they are no longer able to create their intricate art using needles. This health check-up camp will focus on eye exams and the distribution of free eyeglasses whenever needed. We expect to have 20 to 100 women get eye checks up done at the camp. 

Expected cost is $1,000 – $3,000 based on the number of artisans getting the eye exams done. How can you contribute? Subscribers can contribute to the fund during the add-on period (1st-10th). Here are some examples on estimates of how the money could be spent in March:

What is the goal for March? $2,500 goal!

Will there be transparency about where the money is going? Once the goal is reached, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way and let you know exactly how the money is being spent.

Why are you creating the Artisan Fund? We believe in creating tools for empowerment and well being, as well as collaborating with the artisans to learn what needs we can assist with.

Can non-subscribers contribute? We’re so happy that you asked! Our first iteration is only for Premium subscribers but if we see that others want to contribute as well, we’ll definitely think of a solution to allow non-subscribers to contribute as well! Email us at to let us know your thoughts about the Artisan Fund.

Click here to contribute:
Log in to your Subscription Settings, scroll to the March add-ons, and choose your contribution amount!


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Liza Moiseeva, is a Co-Founder and CMO at GlobeIn. Her passion for creating a positive social impact landed her jobs with nonprofits working in micro-finance and poverty alleviation areas, and an MBA in Finance with a focus on impact investing.