Some Transparency on our Prices

We truly appreciate and value feedback from our customers. While we love getting positive feedback, we learn the most from critical feedback. It makes us better.

For April’s Artisan Box, we started adding the retail price of each item to the booklet that accompanies the Artisan Box. For our May Artisan Box, we included shipping in the listed price of each item in the booklet. We added this to reflect the full price you would pay on our website or any of our partners’ websites.

We heard from some of you that these new prices didn’t feel right. And we agree. It was a mistake to say that “all prices include free shipping” when really it should say “all prices include shipping”.

All of this focus on price isn’t in the spirit of our brand so going forward, we will not be listing the price for each item. Going forward, all items in our shop are clearly noted with shipping that is included, $2 US shipping or $5 US shipping. Please know that we shoot for a retail value for each box of $45 or higher. As a selection criteria, we balance products that we think you will enjoy, that have an amazing story and that, with the support of your purchase, enrich the lives of the makers.

For June’s box, we want to get back to our roots. The Artisan Box is about handcrafted products and connecting you with these amazing artisans and farmers from distant lands. We want to honor and celebrate their skills, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We are excited to debut a new price-free booklet style with richer stories about each maker and their artisan process.

We hope you like this new direction as much as we do.