Support Artisans During the COVID Crisis–Every Donation Matched in Add-On Credit!

Our monthly Artisan Fund is a great opportunity to make a direct impact on important issues for  artisan communities that we partner with. These communities make some of your favorite goods that we feature in our monthly subscription boxes and in our shop.

Available to all the artisans we work with, this month’s Artisan Fund aims to proactively raise funds to support any artisan if they face health difficulties arising from COVID-19.

For many of our artisan communities, access to both medical treatment and information about the disease is limited. Many live in remote villages, sometimes without Internet access and often far from health centers and testing facilities. This means that they have fewer chances to find out about the preventive measures they can practice to stay safe.

Because of the remote nature of many artisan communities and the lack of access to information and health services, a coronavirus outbreak in these communities could be devastating.

To support the hardworking artisans that make the beautiful, unique goods we love, we’re starting a proactive fund accessible to all the artisans we partner with. From our basketweavers in Oaxaca, to the network of artisans and partner organizations all across the world, this fund is for their health and well being.

As of right now, artisans are not seriously affected by the virus. But the situation changes daily, so being able to provide support for medical treatment if our artisans get sick is critical. We need to be ready.

We hope, of course, that none of our artisans face any difficulties and that we don’t have to rely on this fund at all. If that is the case, 100% of the fund will become a community fund for other medical emergencies that any artisans in our network across the globe face.

An extraordinary situation like this calls for something new.


Our commitment to our artisans is at the heart of everything we do. We know that it’s a difficult time for everybody right now. If you’re able to help out, please donate today under ‘Add-Ons’ in your subscription settings.