Welcome to Our New Blog!

Every month, we bring the world to you in our signature handwoven basket, filled with heart and soul. The soul of craft and of far-away lands; the soul of our artisans, their cultures and the hours of work they’ve put into their creations.

What you receive in the mail every month isn’t just a basket; it’s a treasure chest connecting you to the palm trees of Sri Lanka, the sugar cane fields of the Philippines and the desert sun of western India.

We love and value the community that has resulted from this handwoven basket, which is why we’re so excited to announce our new blog: a hub for sharing GlobeIn stories, updates and behind-the-scenes featuring many of the amazing personalities and walks of life that we’ve encountered. This space provides a diverse range of content that dives deeper into the lives of our artisans, customers, partners and products.

Our blog is meant for a Sunday morning with a warm cup of coffee or an evening train ride on your way home from work, where you can unwind and find a bit of delight in learning something new. As our artisan box includes everyone, we intend for our blog to do just the same. We want you to know just how great a difference you’re making by supporting GlobeIn and its artisans, and how each individual artisan box contributes so positively to the foundation of our global community. Welcome and enjoy!