Artisan Fair, Customize, & Big Discounts on Boxes: What’s New at GlobeIn This Month

At GlobeIn, we’re always trying to make positive changes that respond to customer feedback or improve our customer’s experience.

This month there are several new features to experience.


We wanted to better represent the experience that you get from subscribing to GlobeIn. It should feel just like shopping in an international market when you visit a new place—full of excitement, discovery, and extra special finds that you can’t get anywhere else.

Introducing the new names for your GlobeIn experience…


A maven is an expert or a connoisseur, someone who is “in the know”, with the right connections and knowledge to gain access to things that others aren’t aware of. We like to think of our customers as mavens, or connoisseurs of amazing products for the home. GlobeIn is their secret weapon that connects them to unique items others can’t get access to. You might have heard us call our customers Mavens, and in honor of our customers, we wanted to name our marketplace (which you can find when you login) the ‘Maven Marketplace’. This will be the location of our members-only sales, which as you’ll see below, will be running even longer starting this month!


As with any visit to a market, you’ll need to bring along some spending money! What was previously called ‘Add-On credit’ will now be called ‘Maven Money’.


Once a month, what previously was called our ‘Add-Ons sale’ will now be the ‘Artisan Fair’. We wanted to better celebrate the artisans who are the true heroes of this experience: just as they would in their own countries, they’re the ones hosting this market where you can find all of their wares on sale.


We are retiring ‘Redeem’ and instead calling this ‘Customize’. By choosing a ‘Surprise’ Artisan Box theme you are choosing a curated experience of discovery. In contrast, ‘Customize’ allows you to select your own products (or box theme) one by one, so how you experience GlobeIn will be completely up to you.

dynamic box prices

This month, most Artisan Boxes in the Artisan Fair will be dynamically priced based on your subscription length, so that they cost the same as one month of your subscription. By selecting ‘Customize’ (previously Redeem), you’ll receive exactly the equivalent amount of Maven Money (previously Add-On credits) in your account, and you can select your first box theme without any extra cost to you. You’re not charged additional shipping for your first box. You may also purchase additional boxes at the discounted price associated with your subscription length, so there’s never been a better time to stock up on your favorites!

sale times

artisan Fair: 1st – 15th

Sneak Peek: Available this month in the Artisan Fair!

As you may know, the Add-Ons sale (now the Artisan Fair) used to run from the 1st – 10th of the month. From this month, the Artisan Fair will run from the 1st to the 15th of the month, so you get even more time to shop these members-only products (at members-only prices—this month with up to 30% OFF!).

vip sale: 16th – 19th

The VIP sale (which previously ran from the 12th – 18th) will now run from the 16th to the 19th of the month. You’ll see Artisan Fair products no longer available and new products revealed in your account settings as soon as we tick over to the 16th.

Yep, you calculated right—you’ll now have the opportunity to continuously shop members-only products from the 1st to the 19th of the month.


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