General Questions

Does GlobeIn make money?

GlobeIn is a Social Enterprise and, as such, it is oriented to solve social issues through a business approach while also generating income. GlobeIn alleviates poverty by using fair trade as a tool. It is not a non-profit or charity organization. GlobeIn charges a sales commission.

Does GlobeIn pay MFIs/partners?

GlobeIn can send a collaborator to the MFI partners, organizations used for microfinance transactions, and pay the collaborator. GlobeIn does not pay the partnerships, but tries to find a mutually beneficial model for collaboration .

How does GlobeIn ensure the products will get to the purchaser?

GlobeIn has a local infrastructure in each country it operates. Our infrastructure is based on a strong offline community of regional managers. When an item is sold online, the local manager will use the transferred funds to purchase the item from the artisan, and mail it using the preferred shipping method. Once the item is shipped, a notification with tracking number will be sent to the buyer.

How does GlobeIn decide the price of the products and the shipping?

GlobeIn does not participate in the pricing process. Our belief is that each artisan has to name their own price and we respect their decisions. The shipping is determined by the local post office and is based on international rules and tariffs.

In which way you differ from Etsy.com?

The main distinction is that GlobeIn has a strong offline component. Majority of artisans in the world still don’t have access to the global online market. At GlobeIn we know that economical exclusion comes as a result of lack of opportunity. To sell on Etsy.com you have to speak English, you have to be tech savvy and you have to have a bank account. GlobeIn gives the opportunity to the less tech-savvy artisans from remote areas of the world to be a part of global economy, even if they don’t have bank account and can’t speak English.

My friend lives in Paris and makes beautiful clothes/jewellery. Can she sell her stuff through your site? How?

GlobeIn’s platform is a tool for everyone. She just needs to sign up and tell her story.

For Buyers

Can I request a special item/size/color, etc...?

Sure! Most of the items can be personalized. Thee is an note on the item’s profile that determines if the item is customizable.

How much money does the Artisan receive from my purchase?

GlobeIn does not participate in the pricing process, and artisans get paid the full cost of the item.

How long before I get my item?

Shipping time depends on the delivery method and the region where the item is made. It may take from one week to a maximum of six weeks.
Please consider the fact that many of our artisans are from remote areas and transportation takes time.

How will I receive my item?

You’ll choose the shipping method when you purchase the item.  This could be the local postal service or private express shipping such as FedEx or DHL.

How can I help?

Become an Artisan Helper.

For Partners

What are some small ways partners could help?

Any help is big help for GlobeIn! So spread the word, help us get in touch with artisans, inform us about local cultures and traditions, advise us about do’s and don’ts on local level.

What are some big ways we could help?

As an established partner you can be GlobeIn’s country manager or take on the role of the regional manager, ambassador and/or representative. GlobeIn stays open to any collaboration possibilities.

Who do I talk to about collaboration?

Please, send us an email to: info@globein.com. The answer will be prompt!


For Artisan Helpers

What do I do if an order has been made online but the artisan has already sold the item?

As GlobeIn focus is the handmade items and each of them are authentic and unique, it might happen that the artisan has no more the exactly same item as on picture. In this case, the country or regional manager will agree with artisan so he/she can make a new item for the customer.

How do I know that an item has been sold?

Once an item is sold online, GlobeIn send notifications to the country and  regional managers, to the artisan helper and to the artisan to ensure transparency in the process.

Am I responsible to transfer the money to the artisan I have created a profile for when the item is sold?

Once the item is sold, the regional manager has the money and has to deliver the funds to the artisan, take the item to ship it and send a notification with tracking number to the buyer.

What happens if I cannot get hold of the artisan when an item has been bought?

If this happens, then please, don’t hesitate to contact GlobeIn’s local manager immediately.

I'm willing to help an artisan but he is too shy and doesn't want to have his video taken. What do I do?

You can take an expressive picture of this artisan, a first plan photo will be perfect. The video can be of the artisan’s workshop, of his hands or house.  Don’t forget to ask him/her questions about his/her life and his/her craft so you can point the camera to a fixed point but not in his/her face to record his/her voice and make the video as personal and real as possible.

Am I responsible for shipping the product to the buyer?

Once the item is sold, the local manager has the money and has to deliver them to the artisan, take the item then ship it and send a notification with tracking number to the buyer.

Am I responsible for shipping the product to the buyer?

Once the item is sold, the local manager has the money and has to deliver them to the artisan, take the item then ship it and send a notification with tracking number to the buyer.

What happens if an item doesn't reach the destination?

If that situation happens, GlobeIn will solve it with the local post. If after a detailed investigation it is demonstrated that the goods are lost by the GlobeIn’s fault, we will reimburses the money to the customer.

I live in Malawi and we have wonderful craftsmen here who are very poor. Are you going to work with artisans in Malawi?

GlobeIn is willing to work with each country in need. GlobeIn starts working with the country once we have established the offline infrastructure. Our infrastructure is based on a strong offline community of artisans and an honest online community of artisan helpers and country and regional managers.

For Artisans

How do I get my money?

You get the money in the most convenient method that you've arranged with the country or regional manager. It could be cash or a local money transfer service provider, as well as PayPal or other digital options.

Who is going to ship the item?

GlobeIn local manager will ship the item.

What if there is no country manager?

If there is no country manager, means that GlobeIn is not yet established in this country, but the artisan or a committed artisan helper can take the responsibility of money transfer and shipping.

For Friends / Colleagues / Interested Folks

I love learning about Artisans. How can I help?

Any help is more than welcome!
You can do photography,  write stories about artisans’ lives, make videos , create any kind of storytelling online content to help us promote the artisans, and establish a link between them and the world!