Black Clay Pottery for Kitchen
Quick Facts about this Artisan
Years of Experience: 60
Craft/Material: Barro Negro or Black Clay found in Oaxaca
Learned from: His parents
Background: Ermundo has been creating black clay pieces for almost all of his life
Inspiration: Oaxacan nature
Aspirations: Ermundo hopes to provide a good life for his two sons
Oxaca, Mexico
This kitchen container is a great piece for each person who like preparing food in a proper way. The black clay is a natural material that maintains the food's nutritional values and tastes. The product is also ideal for broiling. The item features a rounded container on three legs decorated with flower ornaments.Very easy to wash. Can be used in every day cooking or as a decorative item.
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All Countries
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$10.00 USD
Materials & Tags
Black Clay
Measurements & Details
Height: 8 in
Width: 8 in
Weight: 0.4 lb
Depth: 5 in
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