Handmade Felt Blankets
Quick Facts about this Artisan
Years of Experience: 6
Craft/Material: Felting
Learned from: Mother
Background: Designer
Inspiration: Modern Fashion
Aspirations: To open her own shop
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Hand-made in Kyrgyzstan by local felt artist Makha Uyutky, this cozy blanket is made by Makha Uyutky and her mother from a solid piece of hand-pressed felt. Each blanket is an individual creation, and Makha can create blankets of different sizes, patterns and colors. Please contact us for specific orders. The blanket is classic Kyrgyz design. It makes a perfect cover for your couch or bed. It also can chase the chill on a spring morning or warm your bones on a frosty winter night. The product is completely hand crafted from felt made from local Kyrgyz wool through repeated hand-pressing. Together with Yurts, mountains and nomadic traditions, Felt is an iconographic material that makes up the literal fabric of this stunning country. The piece you see here is the result of hand-pressing, rolling and joining of Uzbek Silk with Kyrgyz felt (see rolling process below). Each piece is especially designed and hand-crafted by Makha Uyutky in her studio in the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Shipping information
Ship to
Delivery Method
Shipping Cost
All Countries
Kyrgyz Post (14-35 days)
$32.00 USD
Fed Ex (3-5 days)
$220.00 USD
Materials & Tags
Measurements & Details
Height: 47.28 in
Width: 27.58 in
Weight: 11 lb
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