Golden Khohloma Hand-painted Wooden Container - Small

Golden Khohloma Hand-painted Wooden Container - Small
  • Golden Khohloma Hand-painted Wooden Container - Small

Khokhloma is an ancient traditional Russian hand painting method which produces a very bright color effect, especially the color of gold!  Each piece of Khokhloma is absolutely unique because each individual item is hand painted by an artist and no piece is ever identical! This bright wooden container is hand painted in Khokhloma traditional style. It seems that this barrel is coming right from Russian fairy tale! The pattern features golden plant ornament on the red background.  The barrel makes an ideal kitchen accessory. You can store cereals or any other dried produce in it. The item is also a perfect home decorative object that will make your kitchen look really gold!

Golden Khokhloma has that name because it remains a real Gold! Purchase piece of this old Russian tradition and you just might find yourself starting a whole collection!


Golden Hohloma is a bright phenomenon of Russian folk arts. The khokhloma handicraft became to be known as early as the XVII century in Nizhegorodsky region. Traditionally khokhloma items were produced in the monasteries and were designed primarily for the Zhar's Court. An original technique of painting wood in a goldish color without applying real gold is typical of Khokhloma, a remarkable and ingenious invention of Russian craftsmen. Articles carved out of wood (tableware, mostly) were usually primed with clay mortar, raw linseed oil, and tin powder (nowadays aluminum is used). A floral pattern was then painted on top of this coating with a brush. After that, the articles were coated with linseed oil (nowadays, synthetic oil) and hardened in a kiln at high temperatures. A combination of red, black, and gold are typical colors for Khokhloma. There are two principal wood painting techniques used in the Khokhloma, such as the so-called "superficial technique" (red and black colors over the goldish one) and the "background technique" (a goldish silhouette-like design over the colored background).


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