Hand carved wooden miniature of the skeleton playing the guitar
Quick Facts about this Artisan
Years of Experience: 40
Craft/Material: Fine tropical woods from Latin America and Asia
Learned from: His father who was a carpenter
Background: Carpentry
Inspiration: Beautiful Oaxacan nature and culture
Aspirations: Venustiano is very passionate and prideful about his work. He has been the winner of many contests and his work is featured in various museums. Venustiano provides for his family with his woodcarving work.
Valle Chalco, Mexico
This hand carved skeleton is happily playing the guitar. Notice the intricate details of the guitar he plays, the sandals and hat he wears, the designs on his hands, and the happy expression on his face. The Skeleton itself was carved entirely from only one piece of wood. He sits 15 cm tall and his base is about 8x10cm. In Mexican culture, the skeleton is the figure used to celebrate The Day of the Dead, or Dia de Los Muertos, on November 2nd. Around this time period, and often throughout the year, many Mexican artists use skeletons in their work as a way of remembering those that have passed. Although in American culture the skeleton is often something associated with fear and the negative aspects of death, in Mexico, the skeletons are often represented cheerfully.
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Wood, Natural Wood
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Height: 5.91 in
Width: 3.94 in
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