Small Green and Red Traditional Handmade Rug Shyrdak
Quick Facts about this Artisan
Years of Experience: 30
Craft/Material: Shyrdak
Learned from: Mother
Background: One of the founding member of Altyn Kol
Inspiration: Meeting new people, travelling
Aspirations: Altyn Kol to be known worldwide
Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan
Shyrdak is a mosaic rug made of felt. The word Shyrdak comes from the root shyrda, which means ‘to join together’ Each rug is completely handmade and unique. These Shyrdak felt rugs are hand-made in Kyrgyzstan in the traditional style using methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. Rugs made from two sheets of felt that are cut into identical shapes and reassembled into a mosaic-like textile of interlocking positive and negative patterns. The Sakenalieva family is grateful when customers purchase both the negative and positive images. Patterns: The sample patterns and color combinations you see here are traditional Kyrgyz designs that look good in most western living rooms. Buyers typically choose their pattern and color before Zumrat begins construction on your rug.
Shipping information
Ship to
Delivery Method
Shipping Cost
All Countries
Kyrgyz Post (14-35 days)
$50.00 USD
FedEx / DHL (5-14 days)
$220.00 USD
Materials & Tags
Felt, Wool Thread, Dies
Measurements & Details
Height: 47.28 in
Width: 31.52 in
Weight: 4.41 lb
Depth: 39.4 in
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