Handwoven Tortilla Holder with Lid
Quick Facts about this Artisan
Years of Experience: 10
Craft/Material: The baskets are woven from pine needles found in the surrounding woods
Learned from: A group of nuns came to the town many years ago and taught basket weaving
Background: Pepe is a farmer and a baker by trade. The family bakes bread and harvests avocados.
Inspiration: The Michoacan Mountains
Aspirations: That my daughter can grow up happy and healthy
Donaciano Ojeda, Mexico
Tortilla holders have been used by Aztecs and Mayans from ancient times as a type of warming plate for either corn or flour tortillas. Today such kitchen storage is also widely used in Mexico as well as in other countries. This tortilla holder features a traditional design. Hand woven from pine needles and accented with colored inlays, it makes a unique decorative object for your kitchen or dining room. This tortilla holder keeps your tortillas really hot and soft while you are eating. You can also use it for any type of bread, or be creative and use it for your sewing kit storage, potpourri or as a candy basket. The tortilla holder is circular and has a 19 cm diameter and is 6 cm deep. -------------------------------------- The baskets are woven from pine needles collected in the surrounding forest, which give the baskets a refreshing smell. Unlike traditional basket weaving, these baskets are constructed by “sewing” groups of pine needles together. To create different colors and patterns, the family uses pine needles that are at different stages of dryness and thus have different colors. The family also uses different color thread to sew the baskets and create colorful designs. The time spent to make each basket ranges from a few hours to make the smaller baskets to about 30 hours to make the large fruit baskets.
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Pine Needles, Thread
Measurements & Details
Height: 7.49 in
Width: 6.3 in
Depth: 2.36 in
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