5 Ways to Use a Turkish Towel

Turkish towels are a big trend these days (if you’re like us, you’re seeing them all over Instagram). It’s no surprise, because they’re so much more than just a towel. They’re versatile, lightweight, and durable. And they look good no matter how you use them. 

Made from long-strand premium cotton fibers, the Turkish towel has been traditionally used in Turkish bathhouses, called a hammam. We source our towels from the small town of Denizli in Turkey, which has been home to hand-loom artisans for generations. Working with our Fair Trade partner Atlas, we’re able to help the artisans who make the towels earn a living through sharing their ancient craft with global customers. 

A single Turkish towel can take several days to go from raw cotton fibers to a finished product. Because of the long strands used in making these towels, there are fewer joints in the weave, making for an extremely soft and absorbent, but very thin towel. 

This means that if you’re traveling, the Turkish towel is ideal as it packs away into a small package, but also dries in a flash. From pool to picnic (and inevitable beverage spill), your Turkish towel will be dry and ready for its next use quickly.

But what’s our favorite part about Turkish towels? They get better with age! Each wash softens the cotton fibers, making your towel fluffier and more absorbent. 

Whether you received a Turkish towel in our best-selling Bathe Box or are looking to purchase one from the Artisan Shop, you’ll find plenty of uses for this crowd favorite. Here are just five of our favorite ways to use them!

Wear it as a scarf

Turkish Towel Scarf GlobeIn

Drop a dash of color and texture into your outfits by wrapping the towel around your neck a couple times or pulling it over your shoulders like a shawl. Warm and soft, they’re sure to keep you classy all winter. 

use as a Tablecloth or Runner

Turkish Towel GlobeIn

Lay out your towel for a casual dinner party with beachy vibes.

protect your Yoga Mat 

Turkish Towel GlobeIn

Put your towel over your mat to prevent slips and keep your mat clean. 

create a Wall Tapestry

Turkish Towel GlobeIn

Love your Turkish towel’s design? Pin it to the wall for warm, homey vibes this winter.

make your own Sarong/Dress

Turkish Towel GlobeIn

Wrap it around your waist or torso, and tuck or tie it for casual and comfortable beachwear or loungewear.

There are plenty more uses for your Turkish towel! Use for baby care, as a hair towel, or drape it along the bottom of the bed. Share your other uses for the Turkish towel on Instagram with the hashtag #GlobeInYourWay

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