GlobeIn Jewelry Box – Fashion Fused with Hope

Beautiful and minimal, the artisans and designers at Tribe Alive have found a way to make feel good fashion pieces that are effortlessly elegant.

Share in the incredible story about the hands that helped shape each precious piece. From handbags and clutches, to the jewelry found in GlobeIn’s Limited Edition Jewelry Box, Tribe Alive succeeds in creating ethical fashion that anyone can feel proud to wear.

“Our mission goes far beyond fashion.” – Carly Burson, Founder of Tribe Alive

In 2014, Tribe Alive launched in partnership with Honduras based Mi Esperanza and Guatemala based Maya Traditions. Through this partnership, Tribe Alive provides the women in these communities with work, training, and a brighter future. The Tribe at Mi Esperanza has grown from just five artisans to 65 since the company’s inception and eight artisans in Maya Traditions.


The difference that Tribe Alive’s partnership and training creates for each of the women involved in the company is moving. One such story is about Eugenia, the artisan responsible for shaping the Wave Cuff Bracelet. Through her work with Tribe Alive, Eugenia was able to purchase her daughter a laptop for school and just recently started building her own house.

Dilcia - Family


Reagan Shedden, Tribe Alive’s Brand Development Manager, says that with large orders like GlobeIn’s, they are able to provide steady work for their artisans. Not to mention, tell the world about Tribe Alive’s mission. With help from the GlobeIn community, Tribe Alive gave a few months worth of additional work to their artisans. This cultivates sustainable, consistent income for the women in Honduras and Guatemala.

“It’s great working with companies like GlobeIn because the pieces reach so many customers at one time,” says Shedden. “And a wide spectrum of individuals learn about what we are doing.”


  • Employed ten artisans for the GlobeIn Jewelry Box.
  • Taught four artisans a highly technical jewelry-making skill called soldering – the joining together of two pieces of metal using heat. Soldering was used for the Crescent Stud Earrings and Duo Ring.

Why this matters – education and teaching of new skills is at the heart of helping the women in these communities better their lives.

Sulema 1


The Tribe Alive team regularly visits artisans in their homes and workshops. Their model of ethical and sustainable fashion extends beyond employing women in marginalized communities, they also use materials sourced from a clean and ethical supply chain.

“I’m not only interested in providing employment, but want to look at ways to empower the full lives of our partners,” Burson says of Tribe Alive and its mission. “When customers support Tribe Alive they are joining us in our commitment to truly impact the face of poverty for women in the world.”

Nothing feels better than looking good while you do good.

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Post by Barbara Lee.

Barbara is a world traveler who is passionate about sustainable food systems, responsible consumerism, and holistic living. Her professional background and interests include writing, cooking, non-profit work, and eco-conservation.