Get the Facts on Organic

Organic certification from the USDA lets you select food that supports healthy ecosystems, eaters and and animals.

What is Organic?

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Organic Crops are…

what is certified organic

  • produced using few approved pesticides
  • free from genetic modification
  • grown without synthetic fertilizers and sewage sludge


Organic Animals are…

Eggs before Chickens

  • fed organic foods
  • raised free from hormones and antibiotics
  • enjoy more humane treatment than conventionally raised animals


Multi-ingredient Organic foods…


  • use 95% organically certified ingredients

This experiment shows what happens to your body when everything you eat is organic.

food that won't consume too much waterQ: How do I know if something is organic?

A: Look for this USDA organic seal.

Why eat organic?

  1. You ingest fewer pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
  2. You protect animal welfare.
  3. You help preserve biodiversity and the planet.

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