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Artisan Gift Box

Original crafts by global artisans delivered once a month. You can cancel any time.
$29.99/month + FREE SHIPPING!

It's that easy

Pick the category - Jewelry, Decor, or Home Accessories. Our curators will select the best items for your box, whether it’s going to your friend, your mom, or you. You can cancel anytime.

What you'll get

Each box contains up to 3 specially handcrafted items from around the world and the stories of the artists who made the pieces. All at a cost that's less than if you bought the items individually.

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Why subscribe to the GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box?
Original CraftsEach item is a work of art created by amazing artizans from around the world and selected just for you by our local curators. These artisans are true masters in their crafts. Your subscription makes it possible to put meaningful income into the hands of these artisans while bringing these beautiful pieces to you at an unbeatable price.
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Incredible StoriesEvery month artisans will bring their creations, their craft and their culture into your living room. The Artisan Gift Box will include personal stories about artists, their inspirations and dreams. It is a chance to learn and get a glimpse into the lives of independent artisans from all over the world.
Memorable ImpactWe seek out and support artisans who might not otherwise have access to the global market. By subscribing to the GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box, you'll be helping to support these artisans, their families, and their villages. And you'll be helping to keep their ancient cultures and traditions alive.
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Subscribe for only $29.99/month

What's in the Box?


Up to 4 handcrafted items, created especially by an amazing artisan from a far-off land. These are items that we've carefully selected to suit your theme preferences. We also include special, printed stories about each month's artisans. By combining items into each month's collection, we're able to provide great value for both you and the artisans. Click here for a guided video tour of the Eclectic Box. 

Can I switch my theme?

Yes. You can change your theme every month if you'd like, or select The Best & The Brightest theme and you'll automatically get a newly themed box each month. 

What if I want to cancel?

No problem. You can cancel any time – no questions asked. Just send an email to

Does subscribing to the box save me money?

Yes. On GlobeIn, artisans make each item especially to order. By placing an order of scale, we are able to save on shipment and fulfillment costs, and we pass that savings along to you. 

Does subscribing to the box provide better value for the artisans?

Undoubtedly. The subscription model allows us to place a significant order, in advance, with multiple artisans every month. As a result, artisans are able to produce their goods more efficiently, plan their workload and enjoy a predictable source of income.

How much money does the artisan receive?

Artisans set their own prices, and GlobeIn does not take a commission, so artisans receive 100%. Further, we reinvest an additional 10% of each item's sale price back into the country of origin.

Do you have a trial membership?

You can sign-up for a month-to-month subscription for $29.99, and unsubscribe anytime with no obligation.

Customer reviews
Alicia Connolly wrote:
Review added Apr 6, 2014
Globein is definitely my favorite subscription box! It's beautifully curated with well-made that you'd never have otherwise. Including with each item, a card description of the maker, is a gift in itself. Learning about these artisans and how our purpose is helping make a difference in our lives, is wonderful. Definitely well worth the money, I will stay on with Globein as long as I can. Also, fantastic fantastic customer service!!
Erin Hamm wrote:
Review added Feb 18, 2014
This box is simply amazing! This is one of my favorite subscription boxes I have received. The box was filled with 8 items (counting the baskets as 1 item). I loved learning about each artisan. The story of Margarita really touched and amazed me, that after all these years, poor sight doesn't keep her from creating beautiful baskets. The vase is exquisite with all it's details. This box is well worth the $29.99. I would actually pay for for this box.
Linlin Wills wrote:
Review added Feb 18, 2014
I love my GlobeIn box! This month is fabulous and unexpected! When I opened it up, I was mystified at first what was inside and inside of the basket. They are incredibly cute and charming handmade birch bark blocks, extremely ornate and functional. My first thought that was children's toy blocks, but upon reading the was an awesome intelligent and imaginative fun game for the family (including adults)! My 3 years old loves it!. She thinks it is the best and coolest blocks she has ever gotten. She won't let anyone else hold them but herself and she carries them with her everywhere she goes. I have never seen something like that and won't be able to find a "wonder" like that by searching any shopping site or googling it cos I can't name it. It was truly a treasure just landed on my door step!!! The subscription box is a wonderful way to discover amazing cultural artifacts from different countries, especially those faraway rare cultures. You have no hassle and can learn about them in a bliss. I can call it a bliss box! BTW, the box also includes other two practical items I love: one is handmade purse I would use it for putting credit cards or coins. Another is handmade wood comb, that messages your scalp when you comb your hair. It is truly awesome!
Giulia Pische wrote:
Review added Feb 11, 2014
I truly appreciated my giftbox! It was full of unique handcrafted items and..... reading whos hands actually crafted the earrings im wearing , the candle and the felted items....well....this just made each single piece so special and meaningful and with a beautiful story to tell!! Thank you!!
verity inett wrote:
Review added Feb 7, 2014
Seriously impressed by my GlobeIn Gift Box. I loved reading the stories of where my surprises came from - so unique to feel a real connection with something you own. I wrote a review about it too!
Sonia Herrera wrote:
Review added Jan 14, 2014
We greatly appreciate the artisan gift box. It's wonderful! Right now I'm wearing the earrings that came inside. The coasters are beautiful and what I liked most is the "tortillero". Long time ago that did not have one. Thank you so much.
Rebecca Rieser wrote:
Review added Jan 12, 2014
Amazing box subscription service! I subscribed to a few similar services but this one far exceeded those and my expectations. Not only is this box significantly less expensive you also receive more items and they are high quality and usable. The basket with a flower lid I received was an exceptional piece of craftsmanship. I love it. I also received some wet felted items which included two pouches. Very high quality and so pretty. I highly recommend this subscription box. You won't be disappointed!
Pete Rognli wrote:
Review added Jan 10, 2014
The box makes an incredible impact on participating artisans. It allow them plan out their orders and income months in advance (a lucky privilege for many artisans), and enjoy a "large" order of sales.
Elena Ermakova wrote:
Review added Jan 9, 2014
I really loved my gift box. Each item was unique and I enjoyed it.
Ellen Christian wrote:
Review added Jan 8, 2014
If you are searching for unique monthly subscription boxes, I highly recommend GlobeIn. The quality of each item I received was truly top notch and they will all make amazing gifts if I don’t decide to keep them all for myself.
Michelle Davis wrote:
Review added Jan 8, 2014
I gave this as a Christmas gift and the recipient loved it - here's what she told me: "My gift from [globein] is wonderful! The basket made from palm leaves is from Oaxaca, Mexico, and she is preserving the craft for the future. The Santa and snowman are made from felt by 2 women from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and their inspiration comes from Kyrgyz folk heroes. They are so cute. I will have a lot of fun putting them up every year, and the snowman can stay up through the winter. The basket can stay up all year round. The craftmanship is excellent. So, thank you very much."