Inside GlobeIn: Vladimir Ermakov, CEO

Vladimir Ermakov, CEO and Co-Founder, began GlobeIn in 2011 with the vision of a company that could improve people’s quality of life. As a former robotics engineer and avid lover of technology, Vladimir wanted to use technology to fuse together social good and consumerism.

Enter GlobeIn.

By finding fair trade products from around the world and putting them into a themed, monthly subscription box, GlobeIn was able to expand their customer base, create greater impact for their partners, and reach profitability in two years.

“The best moment for me and the company as a whole was being profitable in the last quarter,” says Vladimir. “Because we can keep going and we can focus on the things we really care about rather than trying to focus on whether or not we’re going to survive.”

Vladimir explains that in 2017, the team will focus on how to measure GlobeIn’s impact and take partnerships to the next level. Previously, GlobeIn was unable to take on orders from small artisan groups because they didn’t meet the company’s (or customer’s) standards. Vladimir hopes this year, they will be able to work with small artisan groups, working to develop and improve products, together.

“This was the fundamental reason I started GlobeIn,” said Vladimir. “I wanted to make sure what I spent my time on impacts people in the best way and improves their quality of life.”

Vladimir’s passion for starting GlobeIn sprung from his roots. He lists three things that he deems necessary in his life to feel fulfilled with his work – technology, solving problems that matter, and to positively impact the region of the world where he is from, the Soviet Union. The idea of GlobeIn began from his desire to help artisans from his home country.

Currently, GlobeIn works with artisans from over 40 different countries. One of the most popular items, sourced from Kyrgyzstan, a former part of the Soviet Union, was the Wool Dryer Balls. These come from an area where wool making is a part of life. Vladimir decided the artisans would easily be able to create these wool dryer balls exclusively for GlobeIn – they were a hit!

Of all the products that GlobeIn has sourced over the years, Vladimir says his favorite product was the Xroads’ Ilocano Asin Sea Salt. Why this small, unassuming product as his favorite?

“It changed my perspective on salt,” said Vladimir. He explains that with other products, it’s obvious what to expect from them and that they’re beautiful products, but with the salt, he was skeptical… until he put it on an avocado. “It was amazing,” exclaims Vladimir.

He does note that GlobeIn’s artisan group in Oaxaca who weave the baskets GlobeIn uses are also one of his favorite products because they are direct partners that GlobeIn has been able to help grow.

Post by Barbara Lee.

Barbara is a world traveler who is passionate about sustainable food systems, responsible consumerism, and holistic living. Her professional background and interests include writing, cooking, non-profit work, and eco-conservation.