January Artisan Fund Report

68 people received health workshops and doctor checkups!

Your impact:
For the January Artisan Fund, you helped raise $1170 for a health event for basket weaving artisans in Oaxaca! A total of 68 people (62 artisans + 6 children) were checked by the doctors.

Health event details:

On the morning of the 2-day event, the participants arrived early with excitement. The doctors commented that in rural areas, a doctor is seen and respected in a similar way to a priest. Although the artisans we work with tend to be a bit shy, they communicated with the doctors openly and honestly, which sped up the process of getting the care that they needed.

Each person received:

  1. Checks for diabetes mellitus
  2. Comprehensive personalized clinical assessment for each participant with an emphasis on the prevention of chronic, degenerative, and infectious diseases
  3. Group lecture about the prevention of diseases and health care, separated by 2 age groups
  4. Report of the results


With the comprehensive examination assessments, the doctors were able to help advise or detect signs of diabetes, obesity, domestic violence, child disabilities, and schizophrenia. Each person received an individualized report of the results so the community doctor can follow up.

One of the most important activities was the talk on food, nutrition, and eating habits. The artisans were very interested and generally, their takeaways were that they will take better care of their health, decrease the consumption of soda, and will look for alternatives to give healthier food to their children.

Thanks for contributing to the January 2019 Artisan Fund! We didn’t get to every artisan but we hope to have another round for the wonderful basket weaving artisans. The more you contribute, the more women we can assist!