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The Amazing Story of The Woman from Ghana Who Went from Living Hand-to-Mouth … to Providing for Her Family … And Even Having Money in The Bank …

All Thanks to a Totally Unique Solution …

The Greatest Gift You Can Give?

by Scott Martin

Posted on May 26, 2020 at 1:09 PM

By S.T. Martin, International Business Writer

BOLGATANGA, GHANA—Akunga has a talent. She creates beautiful and strikingly-colorful baskets. They reflect the colors of West Africa and Akunga meticulously crafts each basket with passion and soul.

You can see her magnificent baskets by clicking here .

Akunga lives in a town called Bolgatanga in northern Ghana. It’s a poor area where the average wage is less than $2 a day—if you can find work. The economy of Ghana is slowly starting to improve but the new prosperity hasn’t reached Bolgatana.

For many years, Akunga made her magnificent baskets but had a hard time finding a market for her work. She was able to sell a few baskets locally, but that was it.

Things changed dramatically for Akunga when a group from a company called GlobeIn discovered Akunga’s baskets. Suddenly, Akunga gained access to a global market and that changed everything for her and her family.

A Company With a Special Mission …

To say that GlobeIn is a unique and special company is a huge understatement.

The people from GlobeIn travel to developing countries, like Ghana, to find artisans who are creating wonderful items—everything from Akunga’s baskets to delicious chocolates, and from brightly-colored mugs to handblown glasses.

These items come from all over the world: Mexico, India, Ecuador, Thailand, and Ghana are just a few of the developing countries where GlobeIn finds these treasures.

People join GlobeIn’s subscription service and they receive a box of artisanal items every month. Some people give artisanal items to friends as gifts. Some people keep the items themselves.

The Best Part

Yes, with GlobeIn, you get a wonderful selection of hand-crafted items sent directly to your doorstep every month. But there’s a bigger goal, a bigger mission.

By engaging with artisans like Akunga, GlobeIn aims to help eradicate poverty and improve the conditions of tens of thousands of artisans in developing countries around the world.

And it’s working. Akunga literally has access to the global marketplace. She no longer lives hand-to-mouth. She is saving money and even helps her children attend one of the best schools in the area so they have the potential for a stronger future.

It’s the same for all the artisans who contribute to GlobeIn. The money these artisans receive from GlobeIn literally changes lives and helps these people emerge from poverty.

When you subscribe to GlobeIn, you receive a wonderful selection of items plus you’re helping people in developing countries lead stronger and more prosperous lives. The support helps the artisans plus it also helps entire families and communities.

GlobeIn practices fair trade principles. The company has a set payment structure so artisans receive fair pay, on time.

“We ensure fair wages to everyone that works with us, which is always higher than the wages they could receive working on their own,” says GlobeIn. “It has helped provide men and women the ability to build a stronger business, but also afford basic needs like food, water, and shelter. Every subscription we receive guarantees more people around the world can continue to live and create.”

Solving Two Problems We All Have

We all give gifts and presents. It might be for an event like a wedding or christening. Or it might be a seasonal gift. Either way, it’s never easy to find the right gifts plus it can take a long time. And what about finding something that’s truly unique?

GlobeIn solves the “gift giving problem” by providing a carefully-curated selection of artisan-crafted items. Plus you’re helping those artisans thrive.

And what about finding those perfect items for your home?

Again, GlobeIn makes this easy. Just make the items you receive part of your home, your style.

How it Works

Becoming a part of the GlobeIn community is super-simple.

Just click here to get started . GlobeIn is offering a 50% discount for new members of the community.

Sign up to receive a GlobeIn box every month. You can choose from three different “themes” so you receive the products that are best suited to you and your taste.

You’ll receive your GlobeIn box … sent directly to your door. There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Full details are here.

The GlobeIn box is amazingly affordable. Plus you’re helping artisans from around the world lead more prosperous lives. Click here now to discover more and get started … or click the button below.

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Sarah Smith
I love this company! They're helping women while sending me amazing stuff lol!
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OMG I'm crying!
Harrison Ferris
What a touching story. Glad to hear that there are companies out there trying to make a difference!
Maria Gonzales
LOVE GlobeIn. Mom and I call each other when our gifts arrive every month!
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Steph Jackson
Told all my friends about this just today!