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Impact Report
Our mission
GlobeIn is a purpose-driven company growing in parallel with entrepreneurial artisan partners from around the world with the aim of enriching individuals and their communities. We are devoted to transparent business practices, equitable and sustainable partnerships, and respect for cultural continuity. We strive to connect conscious consumers with delightful products and the talented artisans who make them, thereby strengthening the bonds of our global community.
We started GlobeIn with the vision that there are millions of people working really hard around the world producing great products that are both beautiful and practical.
Vlad, Cofounder and CEO
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Some of the artisans and suppliers we've built relationships with around the world
Our Values
Respectful communication
We are transparent not only with our HQ staff, but also with our artisans and customers. We use inclusive language and are committed to being respectful in all forms of communication, even if it means that someone asks us to do better. We understand that there is a time to talk and a time to listen.
Mindful leadership
We all work toward our mission by practicing integrity and empathy. We are committed to making a measurable positive impact. Additionally, we are focused on making space for marginalized voices to be heard.
Trust and support
We trust each other and the artisans. We support and enable each other to grow, we celebrate our wins, and we take responsibility for our mistakes together.
We practice openness by providing access to knowledge to all team members — knowledge is never owned, it is always shared. We are humble and always willing to do better. We are always learning and growing, embracing change, and encouraging and maintaining curiosity.
Team members
We have 30+ team members – meet some of them here:
A Different Type of Business
GlobeIn partners with, and supports multiple parts of the artisan sector:
2019 numbers at a glance
Countries we sourced from
In 2019, we sourced products from 150 cities and villages, across 43 countries globally
Partner organizations
GlobeIn establishes relationships with 106 artisan partners, a number that continues to grow as we do.
Individual artisans
GlobeIn is supported by 5479 artisans from around the world.
Products purchased by customers
The demand for Fair Trade artisan - made products continue to grow, allowing us to bring new partners every year to the GlobeIn community. In 2019, we purchased 351,128 products.
What does it take
for a Moroccan palm leaf bag to get to you?
Learn about the process
Aine Jnane is a remote village where the artisans live and work. From there, the bags are taken across uneven roads to Oued Imil, which is the closest town 40 minutes away. It's too bumpy to use a motorbike and carry the bags, so they must wait until there is a car available.
Total amount of time country:
9,5 hours
Total distance:
886 km
Wow, that's a lot of steps! How does GlobeIn do it?
We're very lucky to have 2 Country Managers in Mexico and Morocco who find artisans, work with them to understand their barriers to access, and manage our operations on the ground. With their expertise, we are able to build relationships with smaller, more remote artisans and connect their crafts to the global market.
2019 Artisan Boxes
Our Artisan Boxes feature exclusive GlobeIn-designed products sourced from countries all around the world, handmade by skilled artisans — many of whom are located in rural communities ...
Angela, Head of Artisan Product
Brew Box
Tunisia, India, Kenya, Peru
Masquerade Box
Mexico, India, Sri Lanka
Tasting Box
Mexico, India, Rwanda
Revive Box
India, Uganda, Peru, Bangladesh
Delish Box
Mexico, India, Morocco
Warmth Box
Morocco, Paraguay, Mexico, Kenya
Sizzle Box
Vietnam, Morocco, India, South Africa
Salud Box
Morocco, Mexico
Amore Box
Thailand, Morocco, South Africa, Mexico, India
Picnic Box
Ghana, Mexico, India
Slurp Box
Morocco, Mexico, Kenya, China
Feast Box
Morocco, India, Kenya

Artisan Impact

GlobeIn invested into artisan communities
Artisans we work with
Countries we source products from
Products purchased from artisans in the last 3 years
Real Impact,
Every Month
You're more than just a member when you join. Become part of a community that makes a real difference for artisans across the world with the monthly Artisan Fund. Learn more about our community involvement here.
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The stories behind the products
Featured Fair Trade Federation Principles: Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions, Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships, Pay Promptly and Fairly
Sources: The CIA Factbook, the World Bank website, the Trading Economics website, and the USAID website. Company information provided by Khaloufi Abdeslam.
Featured Fair Trade Federation Principles: Create Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers, Promote Fair Trade, Ensure the Rights of Children.
Sources: WorldBank Data, the BBC. Social impact figures provided by Noah's Ark.
Featured Fair Trade Federation Principles: Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions, Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships, Pay Promptly and Fairly
Sources: The CIA Factbook, the World Bank website, the Trading Economics website, and the USAID website. Company information provided by Khaloufi Abdeslam.
Featured Fair Trade Federation Principles: Respect Cultural Identity, Promote Fair Trade, Pay Promptly and Fairly.
Sources: "Government versus Teachers: The Challenges of Educational Progress in Oaxaca, Mexico" from Columbia University, and the Explorando Mexico website.
2019 Artisan Fund
In 2019 we launched the Artisan Fund as a way to go above and beyond a traditional maker-buyer-seller relationship and to create a holistic initiative to support these incredible communities more directly.
For each fund, we collaborate with the supplier partners to understand where the money will be best spent, research how to make the initiative happen, and then raise the donations for them; each fund is unique to the supplier requests. 100% of the donations go directly toward community workshops, trainings, and health sessions — no strings attached.
January and July
Basket Weavers
in Oaxaca,
Products acquired
Artisan fund contribution
February and August
Bolga Basket Weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana
Products acquired
Artisan fund contribution
January and July
Detail Artisans
in Northwestern India
Products acquired
Artisan fund contribution
April and October
Glassblowers in Tonalá, Mexico
Products acquired
Artisan fund contribution
Ceramicists in Safi, Morocco
Products acquired
Artisan fund contribution
June and December
Seamstresses in Accra, Ghana
Products acquired
Artisan fund contribution
Ceramicists in Marrakech, Morocco
Products acquired
Artisan fund contribution
GlobeIn collaborates with
partner groups around
the world
By combining our resources, we are able to bring global reach to artisans.
Principles sourced from the Fair Trade Federation
Cities and villages
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Challenges and Opportunities for GlobeIn
There is always room to improve our impact on the environment, so we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our packaging, improve efficiency in shipping and receiving, and support artisans in responsible waste management.
Artisan Relationships
We acknowledge that having open and honest conversations with artisans is the key to win-win negotiations. It’s important to continue building authentic cross-cultural relationships, which takes time and patience on both sides. Another ongoing challenge is sourcing products at price-points that fit our customers' budgets and create great returns for artisans.
Team Compassion & Learning
Our team is committed to engaging in courageous conversations about our work and the complex power dynamics that influence international trade. We are continuously examining our own biases and considering the often invisible barriers to our partners' equitable participation in the global market.
To find out more about us and our programs, view the full Impact Report
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