February Artisan Fund- Report

Our February Artisan Fund project was a Success!

Your generosity and support have helped us ensure better living conditions for artisans in need. Thank you for being a part of our mission.


Your Impact

With your help and support, we were able to raise $2000. 


We learned that one of the biggest issues was cross-contamination. The artisans were using their personal cooking pots to dye straw. This meant a major health hazard for them because there was a large potential for leftover dyes to mix with their food! In addition, there were inconsistencies in the basket colors because the artisans could only dye small batches of straw at a time. To address this issue, we teamed up with TradeAid Integrated to raise $2000 to purchase 20 extra-large dyeing pots for the 20 basket weaver groups.


We purchased 20 extra-large cooking pots, instead of individual cooking pots, because the artisans prefer to dye one large set of color at a time. In addition, this means that the artisans have less exposure to paint fumes, minimizing the hazardous work conditions for them.

Also, there has been an increase in the production of baskets. Using larger pots has helped the weavers dye straw in larger quantities, leading to consistency in the basket colors. This is expected to increase basket sales, thereby, improving the artisans’ incomes. 

As a side result, using 1 extra-large pot instead of 3 smaller pots will reduce the negative impacts on the environment by decreasing the usage of firewood.

 what THE lovely artisans said

Thanks for contributing to the February 2019 Artisan Fund! It’s our goal to help and empower every artisan in need. By doing so we want to continue to ensure safe living environments for those who rely on natural resources. The more you contribute, the more artisans we can assist!

In the meantime, please take a look at THE May 2019 Artisan Fund HERE!


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Written by Jamini HariharanSocial Media, Copywriter
Jamini is a Copywriter, currently residing in San Francisco, California. She believes in emotionally engaging people through her writing. Thus, she works on uplifting and empowering projects.