Remembering Rana Plaza Tragedy

Birth of the Fashion Revolution Movement

Six years ago today, Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh. It trapped and killed over 1,100 people. These poor, unfortunate souls were employed by Bangladesh’s garment factories.

Rana Plaza’s workers were forced to enter the damaged building on April 24th, 2013, in spite of their repeated complaints. There were sounds from the extensive cracks in the building- which then collapsed on these deprived workers.

The Rana Plaza tragedy shifted the world’s attention towards Bangladesh’s garment factory. The factory’s practices were obviously corrupt, but it was an economic lifeline for many workers. At the time of the tragedy, very few workers received fair wages and decent living conditions. They also didn’t have the right to unionize without repercussions.

Even though Dhaka, Bangladesh is on the other side of the world, the problems that led to the collapse are not just global problems, they are problems affecting us right here on American soil. When the American fashion industry was booming, 95% of the clothing was made within our borders. Presently, the number is less than 4%. This has led people to lose connection with the products they consume- with catastrophic results.

And who can blame us? The system called “Fast Fashion” is in place for us to feel instant gratification. We purchase something, without knowing what it took for the people behind it to create it.

Now you can make a difference. To stop such grave and life-threatening tragedies from happening Brightly’s Messenger Bot will automatically send an email to your favorite fashion brand in 30 seconds.  Take a small step to clean the fashion supply chain. Because together we can make a huge impact in this world. 

GlobeIn’s contribution to the revolution.

This thought drove GlobeIn to do something different. We now work with artisans directly to create fair wages and a better working environment. At the same time, we educate our consumers about the processes that go into making them. This, in turn, creates transparency about who made the goods, and under what conditions. So, when consumers subscribe to our artisan boxes or buy any product from us, they know that they are a part of an ecosystem, that helps and supports artisans.

Over the last three years, GlobeIn has invested over $3.5 million into Artisan communities. It has also provided them with 2 million hours of work.

Our monthly subscription box features handmade, ethically sourced products from makers around the world. All of our items are beautifully crafted with thought and care. And by doing so, we want to continue ensuring fair wages and better living conditions for our artisans.


Every month, GlobeIn Artisan Box delivers a fresh collection of delightful items from around the world. Subscribe to the Artisan Box, to know the story of the people who make your wonderful products. Thus, making you feel good about your purchase. These boxes will inspire you towards discovering simpler ways to live a more fulfilled lifestyle. So, let’s start by supporting artisans and contributing to a better world.

Written by Jamini HariharanSocial Media, Copywriter
Jamini is a Copywriter, currently residing in San Francisco, California. She believes in emotionally engaging people through her writing. Thus, she works on uplifting and empowering projects.