June Artisan Fund Report

The Artisan Fund is a monthly community program that we create to collaborate with the artisan communities we work with. Once the events are completed, we let you, our wonderful donators, know how your contributions have made a difference!

In July, we successfully held a two-day first aid workshop for 26 artisans in Accra, Ghana to learn about first aid care! From July 16th-17th, we partnered with WARA First Aid Training Academy, to provide a training session and lecture in Ghana. 

Due to the lack of first aid knowledge in Ghana, many participants went into this workshop with no prior knowledge of first aid and emergency care treatment. According to the International Federal Corporation (IFC), “health care in Sub-Saharan Africa remains the worst in the world, with few countries able to spend the $34 to $40 a year per person that the World Health Organization considers the minimum for basic health care.” With the lack of funds and access to health care, workshops like this will help people gain the necessary skills to take on emergency health situations. 

On the first day, a team of two professional instructors from WARA led a lecture on the purpose of first aid, where participants learned how to properly perform CPR and assist bone fractures. Participants also learned burn treatment methods and the importance of public safety. Many participants were eager and ready to learn more about first aid care. Participants received an educational lecture on emergency treatment and were able to engage in first-aid exercises.

The second day of the workshop consisted of a health lecture that encouraged routine health check-ups and effective treatment at local hospitals to the workers. This ensured that workers were able to take this first aid knowledge and be ready to use it for any future emergency situations.

With the continuous support of our Mavens, we were able to raise a total of $1570. As a result, 26 workers participated in the first-aid workshop. Participants were educated on treating health-related issues through different medical methods. This workshop was a small step in spreading first aid awareness and the importance of health. 

Participants of the workshop were grateful for the learning experience and eager to share this new information on first aid care with their families and friends.

“Training is helpful and will help us at home when we have emergencies.” – Stella Aponfo

 “I am now in a position to help my family with first aid.” – Yegbe Celestina

“l will use this knowledge to help my family and any where l [can] find people in [a] situation that need[s] my help.” –Anthonette Ngmenbelle

Here at GlobeIn, we aim to continue to create new Artisan Funds and raise money to help propel artisans towards their goals. With your help, we know that our own goals to educate and achieve equal opportunity will become a reality!