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A Young Weaver Hopes For a Miracle

by Janet Ashforth

Posted on April 22, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Oaxaca, Mx — In a small village just outside Oaxaca, Mexico lives a young woman who’s a mother, a weaver, and a widow. Her name is Magdelena, and she thought life in a small, poor village was challenging enough. That was until her husband was killed in a tragic work accident. Sadly, Magdelena was expecting their first child. She was in her last trimester.

In an instant, Magdelena had to learn to be a new mother, a widow, and the primary breadwinner. That would be an immense challenge for anyone.

Fortunately, Magdelena had a marketable skill. You see, at the age of 13, she learned to weave. Weaving is a skill that’s part of the culture in her village, and it’s an art that gets passed down through the generations via her ancestors.

But, there are lots of talented weavers in her village, and she could only charge tourists a pittance for her gorgeous, handcrafted items. However hard she tried, Magdelena couldn’t earn enough from her weaving to provide for her son and herself.

So, Magdelena did what most single mom’s do when they can’t seem to make it; she moved in with her parents. And she was grateful to have them as an option. But, Magdelena felt a little hopeless about her future, and she hoped for a miracle.

Marina (and GlobeIn) to the Rescue

Marina is an artisan and entrepreneur who lives in Oaxaca. Her situation was similar to Magdelena’s. She learned to weave from her mom at 5-years-old, and she was also a talented weaver who was charging tourists peanuts for her work. You see, locals don’t buy the handcrafted goods from artists like Marina, because they also know how to weave.

One day, Marina’s fortune changed dramatically when Liza Moiseeva, Co-founder of a company called GlobeIn, approached her.

The concept for GlobeIn was born out of Liza’s travels. Liza says she and her partner saw talented artists selling their beautiful handmade crafts on the streets, but noticed they weren’t paid fairly for their work. And the idea for GlobeIn emerged.

GlobeIn is a company that locates talented artisans around the globe who make unique and exquisite items. Then they connect those artists with customers, like you, who desire original, high-quality pieces for their homes at reasonable prices.

Liza approached Marina during a trip to Oaxaca and presented her with the opportunity to offer her wares through GlobeIn’s international platform. Marina was astonished at the prospect of selling her crafts to customers around the world.

Marina jumped at the chance. She’s since become the Head of Operations for GlobeIn in Oaxaca and is helping to change the lives of other local artisans.

And that’s how she was able to be Magdelena’s miracle.

Magdelena, the Entrepreneur

One day Marina met Magdelena selling her items on the street in her tiny village. They began chatting, and Marina told Megdelena about her work with GlobeIn. Like Marina, Magdelena was stunned and could hardly believe it was possible.

Magdelena began offering her woven pieces through GlobeIn. Now she’s saving for a house and putting aside money to send her son, Raphael, to college. Marina and GlobeIn empowered Magdelena to be an entrepreneur and not feel like a charity case.

Where You Shop Can Change a Life

So, how would you like to know who made the lovely, exclusive items you buy to beautify your home? And how would you feel knowing your purchase improved the life of a struggling artisan? When you shop with GlobeIn, that’s what you’ll experience.

GlobeIn is a subscription-based company where you can buy high-quality, handcrafted items at reasonable prices. Once you subscribe, they’ll send a curated package of handmade crafts to your door every month. Also, GlobeIn’s monthly box of high-quality goodies makes fantastic gifts for your loved ones.

Every single one of GlobeIn’s products has a personal story behind it. You’ll know where each item originated, who made it, and what kind of impact your purchase made on the artisan’s life.

To get your box, visit GlobeIn, and choose a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. You can tailor your experience by handpicking your items from three uniquely themed boxes every month.

One of GlobeIn’s best selling boxes is their Glam Box, which includes a Netted Woven Seagrass Tote from Vietnam, a hand-painted ceramic and wood jewelry chest, and a gold hammered jewelry dish from India, and a Rosewood Hair Pin.

The Glam Box

So, just by changing where you shop, you can support companies like GlobeIn, who strive to make the world a better place. Give GlobeIn a try. Marina and Magdelena will thank you for it.

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Sarah Smith
I love this company! They're helping women while sending me amazing stuff lol!
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OMG I'm crying!
Harrison Ferris
What a touching story. Glad to hear that there are companies out there trying to make a difference!
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LOVE GlobeIn. Mom and I call each other when our gifts arrive every month!
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Steph Jackson
Told all my friends about this just today!