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We introduce new curated boxes every month filled with handmade products.


Preview your box theme and choose to keep it, swap it, or skip it—you’re in control


Enjoy your unique items, and the feeling that comes with reducing global poverty


  • What comes in my box?

    Each box features a themed collection of 4-5 hand-crafted items, produced by artisans from all around the world. There are more than 5 box themes available each month, and you have the opportunity to choose which one you’d like to receive. If you prefer to be surprised, you can also choose ‘Surprise’ and we’ll make the difficult choice for you!
  • What if I don’t like what’s in the box?

    With your Artisan Box subscription, you choose which box you receive each month. Unlike other subscription boxes, where you only have one option every month or even quarter, we offer more than 5 box themes each month. To make it even more personalized for you, you can also choose to ‘REDEEM’ if you don’t want to receive one of the available box themes that month. That means you’ll get credit towards other products from our Add-Ons sale—with more than 200 items to choose from at members-only prices! You can even save up your REDEEM credits for future sales if you prefer. All of this means you have plenty of options and will always be able to receive a product you love.
  • How do I know you’re paying the artisans fairly?

    Rest assured, we share your passion for ensuring workers receive fair wages. Here’s how we’re different to other subscription companies or retailers:

    ○ As verified members of the Fair Trade Federation, we always pay artisans above-average wages.

    ○ We work directly with artisan groups to ensure they enjoy safe and healthy working conditions, and support them through additional community projects (with help from our customers!) in our monthly Artisan Fund.

    ○ We pay a percentage of the cost of products to the artisans upfront in bulk, which means they aren’t left waiting to recoup the costs of production until long after the products ship (as is the case with many retailers).

    Our entire mission is to provide stable income and job opportunities to artisans around the world. Part of the way we do this is by connecting their craft to the global market, so that the demand for their products is healthier than ever. Our impact is our number one priority. Join us to be a part of it!

Experience the world at home each month

Discover unique, ethically-sourced home goods, while supporting artisans all over the world

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From only $33/month
if you pay annually

Get Started

From only $33/month
if you pay annually


“Technology is breaking down the geographical barriers of commerce...”

“GlobeIn, an online marketplace where you purchase art and handmade goods from around the world...”

“A new start-up is giving third-world artisans a way to connect with shoppers”

“We don’t just present products from around the world, but we also tell the stories of the artists behind the products,” Ermakov says.

Canadian customers:

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Some of Our Box

Infuse Box

Enjoy a fresh chilled brew of your favorite blend with this collection made for those who are committed to coffee no matter the season.

What's inside:

Chimini Teapot with Natural Lid from Nepal

Mug Topper Tea Strainer - Copper Plated from India

Fair Trade Tea Drops Collection

Bonjour Box

Say Bonjour to a new morning with this handcrafted bed and breakfast lovers’ dream box.

What's inside:

Collapsable Breakfast Tray from India

Handpainted Recycled Glass Beldi Cup from Morocco

Ceramic Egg Cup from Morocco

Ceramic Bud Vase from Morocco

Two-Tone Hammer Spoon from India

Cozy Box

The Cozy Box invites you to relax, warm up and get comfortable with our coziest items from all around the world.

What's inside:

Hand-painted Malika Mug from Morocco

Ton Fai Free Weave Scarf, woven in Thailand

Divine Fair Trade Cocoa Powder, made in Ghana

Gallito Palm Leaf Basket, handwoven in Mexico

Bathe Box

Rejuvenate your body and mind with the Bathe box - filled with handmade goods that celebrate our most intimate ritual of relaxation and renewal.

What's inside:

100% cotton pestemal towel from Turkey

Assorted colors hand towel from Turkey

100% raw cocoon silk facial mitt from Turkey.

Shea butter soap from West African

Decorative palm leaf basket from Mexico

Tea Party Box

Our artisan team around the world hand-crafted all the finest supplies for a vibrant at-home Tea Party.

What's inside:

Hand-blown glass pitcher from Mexico

Hanging lantern from India

Tea light candles from Haiti

Hand-strung pom-poms from Nepal

Smooth and sweet ayurvedic green tea from India

Hydrate Box

On this blue planet, water is the ultimate elixir. Everything is better that’s hydrated—your body, your hair, your lips, your hands. These hydration essentials from all over the world will refresh your body and soul.

What's inside:

Upcycled eco-friendly tote bag from Ghana

Coconut oil from Thailand

Hand-blown multifunctional iridescent glass from Mexico

Handwoven palm leaf basket from Mexico

What's in our boxes?

Other than love, care, and handmade goodies?

Artisan-made goods for your home

$70 - $150 worth of high-quality items for as little as $33

4 or 5 rare items to collect each month

The kind you'd discover in a market in Marrakech, Hyderabad, or Oaxaca

Ceramics, glassware, textiles, food products and more

All made by local people with masterful skills in their traditional crafts

Delivered to your door from the 25th of each month, you can expect something special to use in your home, or give as a unique gift to friends and family.

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From only $33/month*
if you pay annually

Join Thousands of Happy

Get beautiful goods, give great wages

You're empowering
artisans through

By connecting them to a global market for their wonderful products and paying Fair Trade wages, our artisans can earn a healthy income (and provide for their families). This lifts communities out of poverty while giving you a feel-good story to tell for every item we send you.


1 million

hours of valuable work created each year



artisans in 50+ countries supported


$3.5 million

invested in communitites in just the past 3 years


30% upfront

Artisans are paid 30% upfront to help pay for production costs

Treat yourself today and let's grow our impact together.

How it Works

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You can preview your theme and keep it, swap it or skip it. You’re in control—and you can cancel anytime.

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Experience the joy of discovering your items each month, while knowing that you’re helping to reduce global poverty.

Can't decide? Select 'Surprise Me', and enjoy the anticipation of waiting for an unexpected delight.

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Create a well-travelled home

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The wonderful thing about having rare, new items in your home is you’ll get asked “oh wow, where did you get this?"

Decorate your shelves with Mexican market baskets, beautify your table settings with Morcoccan ceramics or add a splash of color to your couch with a Kenyan-made blanket.

Every one of your special GlobeIn items will add stories and style to your home, from the very first box you open.

The wonderful thing about having rare, new items in your home is you’ll get asked “oh wow, where did you get this?"

Decorate your shelves with Mexican market baskets, beautify your table settings with Morcoccan ceramics or add a splash of color to your couch with a Kenyan-made blanket.

Every one of your special GlobeIn items will add stories and style to your home, from the very first box you open.

Enjoy subscribers-only sales with us

GlobeIn subscribers get access to exclusive sales every month, where you can save between 30% and 70% on Fair Trade items.

From box Add-Ons and VIP sales, to exclusive collection launches from our artisan partners, you’ll be surprised how much you can save.

Join our passionate
Fair Trade community

GlobeIn isn’t just a subscription box that helps communities to thrive.

Buying a subscription with us means joining a community of members that care about making others happy as much as you do. We share our box favorites, recipes and much more.

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:a story
of empowerment

As people with a love of travel, we regularly came across makers of beautiful goods in faraway places. But despite their incredible talents, they often live in poor conditions because there’s not enough local demand for their products.

GlobeIn aims to change that.

Marina and her family in Oaxaca, Mexico make beautiful woven items, but they were not able to find enough customers for their products in their remote village.

Since working with GlobeIn, she has become an entrepreneur who leads a team of more than 50 local people (including her fiance who joined to help keep up with demand!).

Now, Marina has enough money to fulfil her dream of building a modest home of her own... and she and her fiance are now saving up to get married.

Traditional woven baskets from Marina, along with hand-painted mugs from Morocco and wooden items from Kenya have been sent all over the world through GlobeIn.

What hidden gems will you discover today?

“GlobeIn is not just about pretty things in my home. It’s about the stories of the lives of those who made them, a visual reminder of the power I have in how I choose to spend my money, and the value I add to the products by supporting others. It’s about helping others have a fair life. It’s about community. It’s about change for good."

Laura B., GlobeIn Subscriber

Experience goods from faraway places in your next box