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5 Horrible Wedding Presents…And The One This Bride LOVED!

by Eliot Morgan

Posted on May 11, 2020 at 1:05 PM

Malory always found choosing presents easy, but apparently her friends & family did not...

BALTIMORE, MD – Malory & Mark are a newly-wed couple in their 30s who received several embarrassing wedding presents on their special day. Fortunately for them, one of their guests with outstanding taste purchased Malory a wonderful GlobeIn subscription box she’s been hooked on since.

“Like all weddings, Mark and I put together a registry of the things we wanted to receive. Most of our attendees stuck to that, which we were thankful for. But there were a few who opted to get creative. And the results were memorable, to say the least.”.

At the top of our list of favorites was the subscription box from Stacy. We both wanted to deck out our new house with unique decor. GlobeIn’s selection of goods from artisans around the world matched our taste perfectly.

As for the not-so-great stuff…

We received 5 very questionable presents from our friends & loved ones. Some offended. Some confused. Others were downright disgusting!””

We’ll leave it to you to decide whether they were wins or flops...

#5 A Creepy Gift, From A Creepy Best Man

The first present Malory & Mark received was downright creepy.

“This was a present from the best man, whom my husband had known for years. I always thought he might have been a creep… and this gift confirmed my suspicions.

I was raised in a strict religious family, so this gift was a shock to everyone when we opened it. The cover alone was enough to cause my grandparents, and the kids at the wedding to gasp.

It was full of dirty, graphic depictions. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get rid of the thing!”

Anyone considering such a gift for the bride & groom should think about how it may affect the children and family members at the wedding. After all, while the bride & groom may love it, others may be offended.

Jewelry, knick nacks, or self-care products are far more practical… it’s almost impossible to offend with gifts like those.””

#4 A Check That Bounced

“One of the plus ones whom Mark & I didn’t know too well gave us a generous check as a gift. Funnily, when we went to cash it in, it bounced. We were both at the teller… and simultaneously broke into laughter.

We thought about reaching out to the plus one… but felt it would be too awkward. Money is a sensitive topic for a lot of people, and we didn’t know this guy enough to feel confident asking him about it. So we didn’t.

In the end, we just left it. After all, we probably wouldn’t see him again. As they say, it’s the thought that counts!”

#3 A Relationship Advice Book

“Another laughable gift Mark and I received on our wedding day was a relationship advice book.

Again… this should be an obvious ‘no-no.’ Regardless of what it is about, these kinds of books also have the potential to offend. Sure, they aren’t as vulgar as the sex guide we received, but they can do some damage.

In my case, my best friend chose a steller book with words of wisdom about converting your spouse to your religion. While we are both of different faiths, this was never our intention.

Mark was offended, but I just chalked it up to a poorly thought-out present. ”

Again, why get someone a polarizing present when you could get them some gorgeous decor to spice up their new home?”

#2 A Gift Already Given

“Since our wedding day, I have been convinced of one thing. ‘Re-gifting' should be a crime!

On our wedding day, Mark and I received a lovely gift from a couple we’d been friends with for years. They’d married 5 years earlier and decided that rather than wasting money on a real gift, they’d regift their unwanted presents from their own wedding.

They repackaged and passed on a juice maker to us, and when we opened it, they’d forgotten to take out the card from their mother-in-law. It sure was an awkward situation…”

Sure, I understand that some people find it hard to choose gifts. But even for those folks, a good subscription box does the choosing for you and guarantees they'll get something they like.”

#1 An Adorable But Unwanted Pet

“Growing up, my father was the KING of bad gift ideas. Christmas. Easter. Mother’s Day… whatever the occasion, we could always be sure he’d have the worst gift of all. As it turns out, my wedding day was no exception.

What did he get me? It certainly wasn’t the lovely GlobeIn subscription box that I’ll be raving about after this - that’s for sure! It was a cuddly, fluffy, cute little kitten. Don't get me wrong, it was ADORABLE... and I would have loved it with all my heart… if I wasn't ALLERGIC TO CATS!"

Her father’s explanation?

“Your sister was never really interested in pets growing up, but you always loved them.”

Much to his surprise, it was Malory’s sister who adored their pets growing up… not Malory!

And The Gift That Restored Malory’s Faith In Humanity?

A 12 Month Subscription To GlobeIn

Fortunately, Malory’s sister Stacy and her husband were there to follow up on all the “unique” gifts Melory received on her wedding day with something she would actually want. They got her a 12-month subscription to a REALLY cute subscription box service called GlobeIn.

As Stacy put it, "Melory and I went on a 3-month backpacking trip when we finished college, and I remembered how much she loved all the unique trinkets and crafted wares that we would find in local markets. As soon as I saw GlobeIn, I knew she'd love it!"

If you are not familiar with GlobeIn, let Malory fill you in on why she loves them...

"At the time, they were a very new subscription-based company, but they've grown into a popular brand over the years. In a nutshell, they send curated fairtrade artisan products from around the world to your door every month."

"What I like most about GlobeIn is that they are a very conscious, positive brand. They respect and reward the artisans who create their crafts more than any other brand I've ever seen. GlobeIn pays them well, gives them business advice, and even helps their friends and family get involved."

All of those things are important for workers in developing countries. Yet most of the time, businesses take advantage of them and treat them like numbers rather than real people. That's what hooked me from day one."

But it’s more than just the message that hooked Malory…

GlobeIn Products ROCK!

“I have never been disappointed by a single product since I was gifted my first subscription years ago. And I’ve tried out all of GlobeIn’s subscription box themes!

On her wedding night, Malory’s sister and her husband gifted her with a shipment from GlobeIn’s Gala Box .

Since then, she has tested every other theme they have. When her girlfriends come to her place, they always compliment Melory on her fashion taste and style.

But the truth is... It’s ALL curated by GlobeIn. Her jewelry, her decor, her self-care products, her clothes. It’s all GlobeIn!

“I figured why use multiple companies for my needs when I don’t know how they treat their workers or the environment? If GlobeIn offers it, I may as well buy it from them, as I know they’re making a real difference.

Many of my friends and family have signed up too. We can't get enough of GlobeIn. That warm, fuzzy feeling you get knowing you are supporting people who need your help most -- it's addictive!"


Leave a Comment:
Sarah Smith
I love this company! They're helping women while sending me amazing stuff lol!
Addison Lewis
OMG I'm crying!
Harrison Ferris
What a touching story. Glad to hear that there are companies out there trying to make a difference!
Maria Gonzales
LOVE GlobeIn. Mom and I call each other when our gifts arrive every month!
Merrly Lynn
Steph Jackson
Told all my friends about this just today!
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