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Adventure is an impulse. It is also a muscle. It calls for just the right accessories.
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What's Inside?


When Nora Matunda left her hometown of Maungu to go study tailoring, it was just a tiny village and she the poor daughter of farmers. By the time she returned, Maungu was a small town, and Nora, an eager entrepreneur. At first, she went door-to-door taking orders, but soon customers were flocking to her. So, when Wildlife Works opened their eco-factory, Nora was an obvious hire.

A chance sale of livestock had enabled Nora’s strong-willed parents the ability to send her to vocational school. Today, Nora has just seen her third child graduate from Wildlife Works’ free preschool program. A trend of determination and upward mobility runs in this family, as it does in Maungu. Who knows what opportunities her children will have in the future?

Suggested use: Run, jump over something, climb a fence — all without having to worry that your phone or wallet will fall out of your pocket.


Nothing says adventure like a good bandana. Lightweight and stuffable, it is also the ultimate in multi-purpose functionality.

For a piece that’s bound to become your special lucky charm in one way or another, why not let it be one-of-a-kind? The painstaking process of woodblock printing, an art form native to Rajasthan, produces pieces that all emerge a bit differently from the intricate process of patterning, boiling, and cooling.

The highly skilled artisans responsible for your beautiful and vital new piece live in electricity-less mud huts in scattered rural villages. Working with the collective Matr Boomie connects them with solar power, education, and health care.

Suggested use: Wrap around your forehead to shield your face from the sun and your eyes from sweat. In a pinch, you can also use as a sit-upon, sleep mask, signal flag, impromptu sling, water filter, washcloth, or compress.


Heat up some hot cocoa on a cool campout morning. Pour yourself a glass of vino at the end of a day’s hike. Whatever the drink, wherever the meadow, your new mug is your essential adventure accomplice.

And if your mug is your accomplice, then so is Girish Kumar. A member of Noah’s Ark, Girish is one of the painters behind the wild designs of your new vessel. Girish is 28 years old. Although he left school after 8th grade, he has had regular work with Noah’s Ark for the past ten years. Through the collective, he receives income, healthcare, and an insurance policy.

Enamel-coated stainless steel makes your new mug lightweight, durable, and ready for ruggedness. Get out there!

Suggested use: Loop onto a backpack strap to save room. Feel free to heat beverages over a stove or open flame, but avoid the microwave.


If it were last year, the organic cotton of your new socks would have come from farmer co-ops in Nicaragua, but sadly, these farmers lost their cotton crop this year due to unpredictable weather patterns brought on by climate change.

As a company that believes real fair trade involves feeling these ups and downs with their farmers, Maggie’s Organics is also experiencing a disruption in the close cycle of trade and investment they have established with these farmer partners over the years.

While problem-solving is underway in Nicaragua, your socks have meanwhile been made with organic cotton from Peru, where farmers are also experiencing climate-related downturns. Maggie’s is currently planning a special premium for these farmers to help them pay for water.

Suggested use: Going trekking? Keeping your feet aerated and dry is the key to avoiding blisters, so throw a sock change in your pack!