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Indulgence That Makes A Difference

You can shop for unique global handicrafts that you can’t find anywhere else, 100% ethically. When you buy with a Maven Membership, you do more than cherish the special artisan goods delivered to your door. Your purchase contributes directly to the jobs, fair wages and excellent working conditions of artisans around the world.

Indulgence That Makes A Difference

30-70% Savings For Incredible Perks

You start saving right away and getting more with access to our monthly Add-Ons sale, huge VIP sales, and exclusive new collection launches, which are all at your fingertips with a Maven Membership, for only $5.99/month.

30-70% Savings For Incredible Perks

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Join over 9000 other ethically conscious Maven Members through internet channels, meet-ups, and events, and share your own unique experiences about the special items you receive, the heart-warming letters from the artisans, and the difference you’re making around the world.

Be Apart Of Our Community

Unparalleled Customer Service

We know that you may have a lot of questions about where your money is going, where your unique handicrafts are coming from, or any issues that may arise with your membership. That’s why we make ourselves available for you 24/7, so you can always be confident with your purchase, and its contribution around the world.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Every product
has a story

When you receive your box of artisanal goods, you are connecting to the hard-working hands of dedicated, passionate artisans whose skills have been passed on from generations.

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Get your special access to handmade and ethically sourced goods from around the world now!

Maven Members are

The artisan products are amazing! Exceeds my expectations every time! Customer service is awesome and they've helped me with all my questions. Can't wait for this month's shipment!

Jean P., Richmond, VA

Everything I've gotten in the boxes has been incredible. Beautiful products and helping artists… who could ask for more.

Marjorie M., San Diego, CA

Received my first box. I'm so pleased with the quality of the items. I loved the card that shows the artisans' locations and their products, it makes it feel so real. It's an amazing feeling to help them.

Cheryl T., Bathel, ME

“GlobeIn allows me to remind these artisans around the world that they have value, worth, and deserve a fair living wage just as much as my family and I do. When I see these items in my home, my heart swells with appreciation and it encourages me to keep doing my part to help others.”

Laura B., Richmond, VA

“Fantastic well made products! Love the back stories and knowing that by purchasing these items I am truly making someone else’s life better. Collecting hand made items from other countries brings so much joy to my life! Thanks Globein!!”

Jaqi B., Cincinnati, OH
You're a Part of a
Big Impact

1 million hrs

of work provided for artisans in just 1 year

more than


artisan partners in 50+ countries have secure jobs from us

more than

$3.5 million

We invested back into artisan communities in the last 3 years alone, THANKS TO YOU

Fair Trade

We empower our artisan partners by giving them dignified jobs, fair wages, and excellent working conditions

Fair Trade

We empower our artisan partners by giving them dignified jobs, fair wages, and excellent working conditions

Help make a big difference for artisans around the world by enjoying their beautiful handmade products

How Are We Different?
Traditional Retail Models vs. Our Fair Trade Model For Artisan Products
Traditional Retail

1Select wholesale products

Retailers select items from wholesalers' exiting repertoire and do not make design decisions.

2Place order with a supplier or distributor

Prices are negotiated in favor of the retailer, which incentivizes suppliers to negotiate prices down with artisans, often to an unlivable wage. Retailers are Not required to visit production lines, or budget for packaging by a distributor.

3Set payment structure

After a wholesale order is placed, it is common for companies to pay 100% of the total order 30-90 days later. That's a long time for producers to go without any recouped cost for materials or shipping!

GlobeIn's Fair Trade

1Design a product

Brainstorm Product Idea
Work with Artisan Groups
Request Samples
Negotiate Pricing
2Place order directly with artisans
GlobeIn's Fair Trade

3Set Payment Structure

Payment 130% Production

30% of total cost is paid to artisans immediately after an order is placed to cover production costs.

Payment 230% Shipping

30% of total cost is paid once goods are produced (handwoven, etc.) so they may be packaged, prepared, and shipped.

Payment 340% NET30

40% of total cost — the final payment — is made 30 days after the goods are delivered to GlobeIn

FAIR trade

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